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Peace Wapiti Academy
Titan Athletics


 Titan Philosophy

Titan Athletics strives to provide our young athletes with a wide range of opportunities, positive experiences and an enjoyment of all sports. Every Titan Athlete will learn the values of the strong Titan work ethic, team work, dedication and commitment, competition, respect and sportsmanship.


Weight Room

The newly renovated School Weight Room features equipment that will allow its students the opportunity to explore a large variety of exercises to promote a beneficial fitness level and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether the student wants to begin a diligent training regimen of lifting heavy weight, or if they just prefer to run the treadmill or use the bike, PWA’s students will receive a positive experience in the fitness weight room. 
Each and every student wanting to use the weight room facility MUST complete a registration form and obtain a PWA ID card in order to be granted access to the facility. The ID Card is available in the School’s Main Office.
General Exercise & Training Tips
o   Make sure your whole body is warm before doing intensive exercises.
o   Ensure you have the exercise technique memorized before increasing the lifting load.
o   Focus on being balanced and in control of your body when performing any exercise with or without weight – this leads to improved  
           stabilizing muscles as well as the primary and secondary muscle groups.
o   Know your limit!! Too much weight too soon leads to accidents and injured muscles/tendons and joints and may take a very long time   to recover.
o   Stretch at the conclusion of your workout – this will help with the rest and recovery aspect of training and allow for stronger benefits for the next workout session and to your body overall.
o   Bring a water bottle – stay hydrated.
o   When in doubt, ask the question. PWA is full of knowledgeable staff with backgrounds in Physical Education, Training and Sports.
Ask around for recommendations about what type of training regimen is best suited for you and your goals.
Sports Associations
                 GPRC Wolves Athletics
          Volleyball Canada
          Basketball Alberta (BA)
          Canada Basketball
          Football Alberta
          Rugby Alberta
          Badminton Alberta
Coaching Resources
                 Coaching Association of Canada
          Canadian Sport 4 Life
   o LTAD Link
          Coach Alberta
Athletic Training Exercises & Nutrition Articles / Research

The Gatorade Sports Science Institute has an outstanding bank of research publications to browse over. Lots of interesting and specific   topics are available from relationships between Carbohydrates, Protein, Electrolytes and your physical sports performances, to hydration, body and mind fatigue, dietary supplements, training adaptations and body compositions. This resource will give all those interested in acquiring a better understanding of nutritional characteristics necessary to elevate their sports and recreational performance. Check out the publications page for up to date research regarding the topics listed above: http://www.gssiweb.org/publications/all
Healthy Living Options
                Dairy Goodness