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3-D Children’s Charity presents inaugural post-secondary scholarships

October 10, 2018

Keisha Mastrodimos, 2014 Beaverlodge Regional High School graduate and second-year student at Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC), received one of two $1,000 inaugural 3-D Children's Society post-secondary scholarships, awarded on October 26, 2017. Miss Mastrodimos is enroled in the second year of a Bachelor of Arts degree at GPRC, with a concentration in Criminology, Pre-Professional. She plans to expand her studies to include Journalism when she moves to Edmonton next year to complete her degree. Learn more about the work of the 3-D Children's Charity at http://3dcharityhockey.com/hockey/about.

Photo captions:
Above: Scholarship recipients Keisha Mastrodimos (left) and Zane Gibson (right) are pictured with Darren Foley, 3-D Children's Charity Chair and teacher at Grande Prairie Composite High School.

Right: 3-D Children’s Charity Scholarship recipients Keisha Mastrodimos (front left) and Zane Gibson (front right) are pictured with (back, left-right) Kim Gravengard, 3-D Children’s Society Board member; Carmen Haakstad, Vice-President External Relations at GPRC; Susan Bansgrove, Vice-President Academics and Research at GPRC; Kelsey Urban, 3-D Children’s Society Board member; Alexandra Engelberts, sponsor; and Kevin Mack, 3-D Children’s Society Board member.