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Spirit River Regional Academy student Olivia Sekulic selected to 2017-2018 Minister’s Youth Council

October 10, 2018

Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD) congratulates Olivia Sekulic, Grade 11 student at Spirit River Regional Academy (SRRA), who has been selected to the 32-member 2017-2018 Minister's Youth Council. Recruitment for the Minister's Youth Council took place during February - May 2017. All junior and senior high students from across Alberta were eligible to apply.

In the announcement released on June 29, Education Minister David Eggen congratulated Youth Council members. "Though their backgrounds are diverse – from rural to urban – these incredible young people are united in their passion for education and their desire to ensure that every Alberta student is given the best opportunities for success."

In total, the Ministry received 232 applications from junior and senior high students.

Miss Sekulic says she is "beyond excited" to be part of the 2017-2018 Minister's Youth Council. "As a student of Peace Wapiti Public School Division and SRRA, I look forward to bringing my rural perspective to the Council. My goal is to promote positive change in our educational system to equally benefit all schools and students across Alberta."

Principal Dawne Kurtz-McNaught says SRRA is very proud of Olivia. "She is a dynamic, hard-working individual with plenty of insights and ideas to share. She will bring a unique and exciting perspective to the Council."

"We were thrilled by the news that our school division will have a voice at the Minister's Youth Council table," adds PWSD Board Chair Dana McIntosh. "Olivia is an excellent choice to represent rural education. She joins the ranks of PWSD alumni who have been privileged to attend Alberta Education-led conferences and camps, and serve on past student councils hosted by the Ministry." 

The council will come together for three meetings in Edmonton during the 2017-2018 school year, on September 29-October 2, February 2-5 and May 4-7.

Photo Caption: Olivia Sekulic, a Grade 11 student at Spirit River Regional Academy, is among 32 junior and senior high students from across Alberta to form the 2017-2018 Minister's Youth Council. The Council will meet three times during the school year to provide input on education issues.