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And the winner is…

October 10, 2018

Peace Wapiti Public School Division is pleased to announce that Hunter Jacklin, a Grade 9 student at Elmworth School, is the winner of the 2016 Christmas card art contest.

This year's contest was open to all Grades 7-9 students within the Division. Students submitted artwork under the theme, "The best thing about Christmas is…"

Due to the outstanding quality of the submissions, selecting a winner was a tough decision for PWSD Trustees. After much deliberation, Hunter's skillfully composed moonlit country Christmas scene was chosen as the winner of the $100 pizza party, to be shared with her class.

To view a larger version of the winning artwork, click here.

Above: The 2016 PWSD Christmas card, featuring artwork by Grade 9 student Hunter Jacklin of Elmworth School.
Below: The original art contest submission.