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PWSD school bus drivers compete in Zone 5 Bus Rodeo

October 10, 2018

Four PWSD school bus drivers participated in the Zone 5 Bus Rodeo on Saturday, May 14 at High Prairie School Division.

As part of the competition, drivers completed a written exam, pre-trip inspection and an obstacle course which included simulations of parallel parking, railroad crossing, student pick-up, and navigating through a diminishing alley and over rows of balls. Participants were judged and scored, and the event was deemed an excellent skills-development opportunity.

PWSD school bus drivers participating in the event were (pictured left-right) Susan Beck and Kelly Bertin, Beaverlodge routes; Shirley Fisher, Hythe route; and Connie Hvall, Spirit River route. The latter three have opted to compete at Provincials in Red Deer on June 4, which is open to three drivers per school division.
For more photos from this event, visit PWSD’s Facebook page at http://bit.ly/Zone5-BusRodeo.