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Comprehensive School Health Wellness Day at PWSD

October 10, 2018

A Comprehensive School Health Wellness Day was held at Peace Wapiti Public School Division on Friday, January 22, 2016. Those in attendance at the professional development day included representatives from Alberta Health Services, FCSS, FNMI, and Comprehensive School Health Champions from PWSD schools. The student voice was represented by three students from Harry Balfour School and Sexsmith Secondary School, who are also members of PWSD's Jurisdictional Student Engagement Team (JSET). Sessions were led by Cynthia Gauthier and Karen Chrenek, District Principals at PWSD. Following an overview of the history of Comprehensive School Health, the group examined a number of topics, including the critical pieces necessary in a child's life to support wellness, wellness best practices, and how comprehensive school health is an integral piece in creating Quality Learning Environments at PWSD schools.

For more photos from this event, visit PWSD's Facebook page.