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PWSD staff to be recognized with Long Service Awards

October 10, 2018

Each year, Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD) recognizes staff members for their dedication and years of service during three separate ceremonies around the Division. During this year's special events scheduled for May 21, 27 and 28, Long Service Awards will be presented to the following staff members who have achieved career milestones:


Celebrating 45 years of service:

  • Katja Davidson, Beaverlodge Regional High School               

Celebrating 35 years of service:

  • Donna Lewis, Beaverlodge Regional High School    
  • Gayle Williams, Spirit River Regional Academy       
  • Diane Kushneryk, Spirit River Regional Academy

Celebrating 30 years of service:

  • Betty Despins, Eaglesham School                         
  • Susan F. Biendarra, Peace Wapiti Academy       
  • Michael Student, R. W. Zahara Public School    
  • Sandra Taylor, R. W. Zahara Public School        
  • Audrey Rooke, Sexsmith Secondary School       
  • Jim Nicholson, Spirit River Regional Academy  

Celebrating 25 years of service:

  • Susan Saastad, Beaverlodge Elementary School        
  • Terry Smith, Beaverlodge Regional High School
  • Robyn Sorochan, Beaverlodge Regional High School
  • Nancy Fontaine, Eaglesham School                     
  • Collette Simpson, Harry Balfour School              
  • Michael Bass, Hythe Regional School                 
  • Lori Szmul, Penson School                                     
  • Pat Seymour, Penson School                                  
  • Elaine Scharf, Ridgevalley School                        
  • Noreen Lagace, R. W. Zahara Public School      
  • Susan McPhee, R. W. Zahara Public School       
  • Joan Hardy, Woking School                                   
  • Sheila Zahara, Woking School                               
  • Dean Ladwig, Maintenance                                   
  • Veronica Clarke, Spirit River Sub-Office             

Celebrating 20 years of service:

  • Devany May, Beaverlodge Elementary School 
  • Beverly Nayko, Beaverlodge Elementary School        
  • Lisa Cage-Ostaszewski, Beaverlodge Elementary School
  • Debbie Ouellet, Eaglesham School                        
  • Shauna Paquette, Harry Balfour School             
  • Kelly Woltjer, Hythe Regional School                  
  • Shirley Ewert, Peace Wapiti Academy                 
  • Darcy Wood, Ridgevalley School                          
  • Stephanie Rorem, R. W. Zahara Public School  
  • Katherine Campbell, R. W. Zahara Public School       
  • Beverley Marschall, Wembley Elementary School     
  • Rosaline Wasowicz, Woking School                     
  • Colleen Karockai, Central Office

Celebrating 15 years of service:

  • Laurel Pritchard, Beaverlodge Elementary School      
  • Robert Twelvetree, Clairmont Community School     
  • Terry Pattison, Eaglesham School                         
  • Debora Lee-Boivin, Eaglesham School                
  • Beverly Lieverse, Elmworth School                      
  • Holly Gould, Hythe Regional School                    
  • Darren Robertson, Hythe Regional School          
  • B. Erin Eady, LaGlace School                                
  • Lynn Torgerson, LaGlace School                          
  • Lori Bradford, Peace Wapiti Academy                
  • Bonnie Schulz, Ridgevalley School                       
  • Katherine Mykyte, Rycroft School                       
  • Norma Huitt, Sexsmith Secondary School          
  • Leslie McNabb, Sexsmith Secondary School      
  • Agnieszka Pullishy, Spirit River Regional Academy    
  • Cynthia Gauthier, Central Office                          

Celebrating 10 years of service:

  • Beth Ann Caufield, Beaverlodge Regional High School    
  • Myles Edgar, Beaverlodge Regional High School        
  • Michael Rourke, Beaverlodge Regional High School 
  • Lisa Cairns, Bezanson School                                
  • Mirja Pattison, Birch Meadows Colony School  
  • Randy Carlstad, Bonanza School                         
  • Darlene Cherkowski, Clairmont Community School  
  • Bernadette Chapman, Crooked Creek Colony School               
  • Phillip Robe-From, Grandview Colony School   
  • Heather Lawrance, Harry Balfour School           
  • Kim Tissington, Harry Balfour School                 
  • Cheryl Fletcher, Hythe Regional School              
  • Reece Crabbe, LaGlace School                             
  • Janina Carlstad, R. W. Zahara Public School     
  • Jan Sonnenberg, R. W. Zahara Public School     
  • Julie Hynes, Rycroft School                                   
  • Alison Lario, Sexsmith Secondary School           
  • Rena Moss, Spirit River Regional Academy       
  • Andrea Ungurian, Teepee Creek School              
  • Don MacAskill, Wembley Elementary School    
  • David Durrant, Maintenance                                 
  • Thomas Newnham, Maintenance

PWSD would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all staff for their years of service and dedication. PWSD Long Service Award recipients will be recognized at three separate ceremonies:

1.       Spirit River Regional Academy, Thursday, May 21 at 5:00 p.m.:
Recognizing staff of Birch Hills Colony School, Birch Meadows Colony School, Bonanza School, Codesa Colony School, Doe River Colony School, Eaglesham School, Peace Academy of Virtual Education (PAVE), Rycroft School, Savanna School, Spirit River Regional Academy, Shady Lane Colony School and Woking School.

2.       Beaverlodge Motor Inn, Wednesday, May 27 at 7:00 p.m.:
Recognizing staff of Beaverlodge Elementary School, Beaverlodge Regional High School, Elmworth School, Helen E. Taylor School, Hythe Regional School, La Glace School and Wembley Elementary School.

3.       Ridgevalley School, Thursday, May 28 at 5:30 p.m.:
Recognizing staff of Bezanson School, Clairmont Community School, Crooked Creek Colony School, Grandview Colony School, Harry Balfour School, Peace Wapiti Academy, Penson School, Ridgevalley School, R. W. Zahara Public School, Sexsmith Secondary School and Teepee Creek School.