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So, you want to be a palaeontologist?

October 10, 2018

Dr-Phil-Bell-picks-a-volunteer-web.jpgPicture yourself cooking your meals outdoors and over an open flame. Feel the cool lap of water against your skin as you wade into a nearby river to do your laundry, followed by hanging it to dry on a tree. Then, imagine perching for hours on the face of a cliff as you unearth a fossilized dinosaur skeleton. Suddenly, you drop everything and run for cover inside your vehicle as the force of a passing sandstorm leaves the windshield permanently etched. If none of this scares you, then maybe palaeontology is for you!

Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative’s (PCDI) head palaeontologist, Dr. Phil Bell, recently gave an edge-of-your-seat presentation with the help of his assistant, Robin Simmons at Wembley Elementary School. Students at the school won the presentation after being named top fundraisers in the school challenge portion of PCDI’s crowd-funding campaign. Read the full story here.