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Peace Academy of Virtual Education
Is PAVE for you?

Who can become a PAVE student?

  • Anyone in grades 4 - 12 who is in the Peace Wapiti or High Prairie School Division areas
  • Adults wishing to upgrade

How can I sign up for PAVE?

If you would like to be a PAVE student, please contact Veronica or Michele at 1-780-864-3741 to:

  • get help with registration 
  • make an appointment to come into the Peace Wapiti sub office in Spirit River

When should I register for PAVE?

  • Grades 4-12 students need to register before September 30; contact should be made in late June or August for the upcoming school year 
  • Grades 10-12 students are currently able to register in or before September for semester 1 and in or before January for semester 2; although we do accept enrollments throughout the year, it will be easier to successfully complete if students are registered within the first month of the semester.
  • Adult upgrading learners can register anytime during the school year, as long as courses are completed by June 15th  
  • If you are applying to register for PAVE and are outside of the Peace Wapiti or High Prairie School Districts please consult your resident school district on their policies regarding registration at PAVE.

What are the advantages of PAVE?

  • You can receive one-to-one help from all of your teachers
  • You have access to daily report cards
  • You have the entire course available to you immediately
  • You can finish your school work before June
  • You have flexibility in scheduling your work to accommodate your family plans or your lifestyle
  • As a full time student, you can participate in fun regular get-togethers (skiing, rock-climbing, bowling, etc.)

What kind of schoolwork would I have?

  • PAVE follows the Alberta Curriculum, so you would be learning the same information as you would in a traditional school
  • PAVE offers grades 4-12 Math, Science, Social Studies, English and many option courses

What if I need help with my schoolwork?

  • We have an orientation in September to help you get started
  • You can e-mail or call your teachers (we have a toll free number)
  • You will receive e-mails from your teachers to remind you of your course deadlines
  • You can make an appointment to come into the Spirit River office to talk to your teachers in person or online

What equipment do I need to complete my PAVE courses?

  • Full time students (Elementary, Junior High and High school students taking a minimum of 15 credits) may be provided with a computer from PAVE
  • Part time students will supply their own computer. Please contact P.A.V.E. to ensure your equipment meets our technical requirements.   

When is the PAVE office open?

  • PAVE follows the Peace Wapiti School Division 76 calendar, which can be found on their web page.  

Can parents be involved?

  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child's education and learning process
  • Parents are welcome to join PAVE's parent council
  • Parents are given a password so they are able to access their child's daily report card from any computer that has internet access

When and where are exams written?

  • Part time students will write all exams under supervision at their resident school
  • Full time students write their unit exams at home with parental/guardian supervision
  • Full time high school students write their midterm exams at either a Grande Prairie location or the Spirit River Peace Wapiti School Board office
  • Full time students will write final exams at the Spirit River office. Materials will returned on the same day as the last exam.

How can I contact PAVE for more information?