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Peace Academy of Virtual Education
Full Time Students


We hope to provide all the information you will need to be successful in your course work or to help you decide if PAVE can help you achieve your academic goals.

All high school full time students must complete an introductory course designed to give students an opportunity to explore the elements of on-line learning using Moodle. Appropriate use of tools and skills required to successfully do on-line learning are a focus. Students will evaluate their readiness to form educational relationships that will cross time and distance.​High school students will receive one credit upon completing this course.


Before starting with us, we would like introduce a few things that we know will help you have a successful year.

Motivation to complete work lies with the student and parent and/or guardian. We have learned over the years that students are more successful when they are being encouraged to stick to a schedule. Students can use the outline provided in each course to develop a personal schedule that meets their individual needs. Parents or supervisor should be checking student progress on a daily basis; PowerSchool is a great program to do this.

Some other important aspects for success:

1.      Students must check school email daily.

2.      Parents should contact teachers with any concerns immediately. Teachers appreciate notification of planned leaves from school work.

3.      Students need to check in with their teachers on a regular basis. 

All PAVE materials must be returned to the Spirit River office upon completion. These materials are to be used for school purposes only.​