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Peace Academy of Virtual Education
About Us

Welcome to the PEACE ACADEMY OF VIRTUAL EDUCATION, otherwise known as P.A.V.E. It is a partnership between Peace Wapiti School Division No. 76 and High Prairie School Division. Students receiving their education through P.A.V.E. must be registered with one of these two divisions. Our school year follows the Peace Wapiti School Division calendar.

P.A.V.E. provides a customized, innovative approach to online education and includes interaction between students, parents and Peace Wapiti teachers. We serve students from Grade 4 through Grade 12 with all the flexibility that online education offers.

The staff at P.A.V.E. are a dedicated and committed group who strive to fulfill our mission of innovating to promote student success through a personalized online learning community.

The PAVE staff works with parents, as real partners in the teaching/learning process. With the assistance of the PAVE Parent Council, the PAVE staff has created numerous opportunities to truly connect parents and families to the school and thus there has developed a true school culture and a warm and supportive school climate.

Over the years, a role for PAVE has evolved in supporting the activities of a number of the other PWSD schools. The staff at PAVE has willingly and effectively stepped up to assist with challenges faced by other PWSD schools.