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Harry Balfour School
Peace Wapitit Pulic School Division No. 76
School Council Minutes

Minutes HBSC March 15th, 2017




Christan Gee                  Erin Lafond                         Christie Spronk                 Rachel Kenney

Sheri MacMillan            Jennifer Coulic                  Brandi Reeve                     Jill Peters

Tyla Savard                      Tyler Keddie                       Carolyn Johnson               Stefanie Clark




Tina Hunt                         Jessica Fisher                     Kristi Joyce                          Michelle Warkentin

Gerri Kinisky                   Mona Grace                       Shawn O'Shea                   Erin Schroeder

Monica Chambers        Melanie Fedorowicz


1) Welcome. Meeting was called to order at 634pm

  • Sign in sheet complete with preferred contact numbers- everyone signed in
  • Regrets:   see above
  • Agenda was approved with one agenda item added- Upcoming community presentations.


2)  Minutes:  adopt minutes from last meeting as emailed, Minutes were approved with two changes on the attendance section. Motion by Carolyn J. and 2nd by Jill P.


3)  Treasurer Report:  Mona-


Harry Balfour Parent Council Program 104 Financial Report​​​​ 
As At March 15, 2017​​​​ 
Account Number  DepositExpense 
1-611-83-12-998-104-000-0​General Reserve$2,447.55​ 
1-668-83-12-998-104-000-0​Transfer In from Other Funds$1,643.00​ 
2-668-83-12-998-104-000-0​Transfer - Other Funds​$271.16 


4)  Old Business

  • ASCA AGM, attendees, resolutions, proxies?

The ASCA resolutions were reviewed and Harry Balfour School representatives have our council's recommendations on voting. Our attendees will be Christie Spronk and Erin Lafond , Brandi Reeve is considering going; Tyla Savard will be there as part of her role on the ASCA board. Proxy forms will be available at the Joint School Council meeting. The PWSD board has changed its policy on financing reps to attend ASCA. PWSD will pay for 2 representatives registration and accommodation to ASCA, transportation is available via bus only if our school council money is gone. So expenses to send our two representatives to ASCA will come out of the Harry Balfour School Council funds. A motion was made by Carolyn J. and 2nd Tyler Keddie to cover the fees (up to $1500.00) for up to 3 people to attend ASCA.

  • Rotary Service above self

This write up is ready to go once the Rotary Announces registration is open, the Rotary Club has stated they notify the PWSD board to filter to principals who will filter to council.


5) New Business

Any requests for more info nights?

There will be a Welcome to Kindergarden event in the last week of June for students starting in September 2017. We are planning a literacy night for the fall of 2017.


Planning for Staff appreciation in May

Mr. Gee will get back to us on a good day that works for the school, we will carry on the tradition of meat/cheese/buns and deserts as well as supervision.

Tell Them From Me (Mr. Gee) – see principal report

Digital Device Policy (Mr. Gee) – see principal report


Upcoming Community Presentations

There will be a Fentanyl Awareness evening on Tuesday March 21st, 2017 at the City on 99 building 9910-99 Ave. On Monday March 20th, 2017 there will be a presentation on Youth and Substance Youth by Mountain Plains and AHS Youth Services; 630pm at Montrose Cultural Centre in the Rotary Room. There will be information on use


6)  PWSB: Stefanie

Bill 1- the idea is the province will be helping out with funding for transportation however our school does not charge for transportation so we are unsure if there will be money given. There is also money provided to help out with administration/school fees – we will have to see what will be provided. Spring Joint School Council will be March 28th, 2017, Christie will confirm with Ivy the numbers from Harry Balfour School. The Nutrition Policy will be discussed there will be a Dietician from AHS doing a presentation. Education Ministry has started a Youth Council looking for students with diverse interests and perspectives to work with the education minister. We were awarded 3 new modular classrooms for Bezanson School.

See attachment for more information on Bill 1


7)  Staff Report-Jessica

School Council – Teacher Report March 15, 2017:

*April 5th- Crimson Lake parent trip meeting, at HBS

*6 Exchange students coming from France

* April 11th- Edmonton Eskimos Football training camp at Charles Spencer School. Mr. Twelvetree will find 25 grade 5/6 students to attend

*Circle of Courage FMNI program is in progress, with Darrel Willier- they are working on the 4 components

*PWA transitition Meeting March 21st in the evening, opportunity for parents and kids to go to PWA for information

*There is funding for students from grades 4-8 to have 1 student from each grade to attend Spring Break Camp at the Eastlink Centre, names will be drawn.

*Ms. Elliott is working with HBS on websites and portals that are youth interest based, she has been doing great work at the school.

*School Start – Student Supply kits – Should this be an option for next school year, parents could order online through schoolstart.ca and have supplies delivered to their house.  (Would not go through the school at all)-This is a program parent council felt we should support.

*March 6 - 8:  Junior High Ski Trip was great, great kids (35 students went), great snow, a little chilly on Wednesday and no trips to the hospital this year!

*March 8 – about 40 students went on a chilly Wednesday to Nitehawk (decided to make this available this year for students who couldn't commit to time or money for Jasper Trip.)

*Basketball Teams are almost wrapped up – Coached by Miss. Gauche (boys) and Mr. McKechnie/Ms. Carroll (girls)… Girls got second overall in League Play and first at the St. Pats Tournament, and the boys had a great session!

-March 14th –PWSD Spring Concert at the GPRC 7pm – I heard that the JH Band sounded great!

-March 17 – Subway Day – Lunch Program

-March 17– Report Cards go home K-8, Parent Teacher Interviews/Health Fair to follow on March 23 3:45pm -8:45pm  (May 19 - No School in lieu of Parent Teacher Interviews)

-March 21 – Kindergarten registration starts (online registration starts at 9 am)

-March 22- Badminton Try-outs for Junior High, Mr. McKechnie/Mr. Flint coaching

-March 26th – Whispering Ridge Movie Fundraiser

-March 29- International Food Fair

-April 10-13 – Local Music Festival Gr. 5, 6 and JH Band – more info to come (April 8 & 9 – Solo and small group performances)

-April 14 - 23 Spring Break     

-May 4-8 JH Band Trip the Sun Peaks/Calgary

-May 16-17 – Gr. 6 Honour Band trip to Red Deer for Provincials

  I think that is it for this monthJ


8)  Principals Report: Mr. Gee

Mr. Gee reviewed the Tell It From Me Survey, the results are good and changes may be made to the survey for next year. Mr. Gee presented a draft version of the Digital Device Policy, this policy would have students who bring their devices to school access devices only on non-educational hours.


9)  Participarent: Brandi

Subway orders were counted today, just under 300 orders. Lego club is going well, great feedback from kids. The school is looking for parent volunteers to do a reading/testing program with children in the mornings, we are close to having enough volunteers.


10)  PWA- Carolyn

PWA has discussed the possibility of the province allowing the District to bump PWA up the line to have a new school sooner, no decisions have been made. There has been lots of conversations at PWA around course selections.


11)  Grade Rep reports

A Parent asked about Mr. Gee's program in regards to children attending Harry Balfour that don't fall within our boundaries. The decisions have been made on a case by case basis and parents have been notified that are being affected.


12)  Confirm next meeting- The next meeting cannot be Apr 19 as it is spring break- we will have the meeting on April 12th at 630pm.



Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Rachel K and 2nd by Carolyn J.


Action Items

Mr. Gee will find a date that works for Teacher Appreciation day


Christie will RSVP to PWSD for HBS attendees to Joint School Council meeting


Bill 1 attachments on the next page.



1200, 9925 109 Street Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2J8  Phone: 1.780.451.7122  Fax 1.780.482.5659

Release date: March 2, 2017

Attention: Legislature/Education reporters




ASBA welcomes government efforts to reduce school fees in Bill 1 

Association cautions that approach must be equitable, adequate and doesn't take away from local community decision-making 


The Government of Alberta's proposed Bill 1 legislation to cover the cost of school fees is good news for parents and something school boards across the province have been pressing government to do for years, said Mary Martin, ASBA president. 


"No school board wants to charge extra fees to run buses, pay for books or support programs. But up until now the provincial government was unwilling to fund those extra costs. We are pleased they have responded to our calls to relieve parents of this burden."


As the provincial association representing all 61 public, Catholic and francophone school boards in the province, Martin noted that to be effective, Bill 1 and the funding that comes with it must be adequate and applied equitably across all schools boards because rural and urban schools boards rely on school fees to subsidize student learning. She also cautioned that the legislation should not prohibit parents and schools at the local level to pay for priorities that they feel are important like music and technical programs, and field trips.


"Parents, teachers and school board trustees at the local level are in the best position to decide how to support student learning. It would be a disaster if Bill 1 took that decision-making power away from local communities," emphasized Martin. 


ASBA looks forward to reviewing in detail the contents of Bill 1, as well as the associated regulations to follow. "Our Association welcomes the opportunity to help shape the conversation about what 'basic education' means, and what constitutes a quality education for Alberta students," said Martin. "We anticipate a fulsome consultation process involving all Albertans, including school boards, parents and students." 



For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Godfrey Huybregts, ASBA Communications  Ph. 1.780.953.0525 (Cell)


The Alberta School Boards Association serves and represents Alberta's 61 school boards.


Agenda HBSC February 15th, 2017 Monthly Meeting




Christan Gee                  Erin Lafond                         Gerri Kinisky

Sheri MacMillan            Jennifer Coulic                  Brandi Reeve

Kristi Joyce                      Michelle Warkentin        Melanie Fedorowicz      

Carolyn Johnson           Monica Chambers           Jessica Fisher                    

Tina Hunt                         Heather Cavanaugh                       



Christie Spronk              Jill Peters                             Brandi Reeve

Mona Grace                    Shawn O'Shea                   Erin Schroeder                  Tyler Keddie

Monica Chambers        Tyla Savard                         Rachel Kenney                  Stefanie Clark


Welcome. Meeting was called to order at 630pm

  • Sign in sheet complete with preferred contact numbers- everyone signed in
  • Regrets:   see above


1.      Minutes:  adopt minutes from last meeting (Jan 2016) as emailed- The minutes were approved as posted, Motion by Carolyn J. to approve the minutes and 2nd by  Jennifer Coulic


2.      Treasurer report – $3556.77 is in the bank there have been no recent expenditures.


3.      Old Business 

  • Feedback re: math presentation and RCMP Presentation. Math presentation was well done and appeared to resonate with parents in attendance. RCMP presentation was overwhelming and perhaps too in depth for our age group, it was well attended. Mr. Gee is working on a presentation for Jr high/high students and may come back to parent council to help fund a speaker.

    Motion by Tina H to provide the above presenters with a thank you card and a $25.00 gift card 2nd by Sheri M, Erin L will purchase the gift cards.
  • Rotary Service Above Self Award, nomination was determined, Christie will write a letter and reasons why we nominated this person and ensure we get confirmation of the nomination. Someone will accompany her for the lunch as well. Motion was made for our nominee was made by Carolyn J, 2nd by Sheri M. Our nomination will remain secret until she is aware.



4.      New Business  

        • Christie – Whispering Ridge playground update, letters of intent went out and we are waiting for responses. The Mix and Mingle night will be on February 25th, tickets are available from the association $40.00 each. March 26th will be the movie fundraiser at the Pomeroy Theatre, tickets will be approx. $10.00 each with sales of pop and chips to profit the playground as well.

  • ASCA resolutions –
    • Review, Carolyn had a copy of the resolutions from PWA, her recommendations are the people who are interested in going to ASCA should meet to review the resolutions and come back to council with a summary and recommendations on how to vote. Christie will send out the resolutions, potential ASCA attendees will meet and at the March meeting we will review.
    • Meeting at PWA – this meeting has already occurred.
    • ASCA Attendance- Christie S, Erin L are interested in attending ASCA. April 28-30th, 2017, we can have more people go if interested and Christie will see if Whispering Ridge is having resolutions.
  • PWSD Spring Joint Council Meeting – March 28th, 2017 at 6pm, location to be determined, topics potentially are division update, school fundraising, school council, presentation from HIV North, Division update. Our members attending ASCA should get Proxy votes at this meeting. If you are interested in attending, RSVP to Ivy at Central Office, Carolyn J and Erin L will attend.
  • PAT Test- students write the PAT test in Grade 6 each year, this is a reliable source of data for outcomes. We are not showing results in Math in the top 2 strongest categories, Mr. Gee is working on how to build teaching strategies from Grade 1 on to build on children's math strengths. Hopefully to improve upon PAT test outcomes and child learning in the future. This will be a topic of discussion for HBS, internally PD days.

5.      Principal's Report –Mr.Gee

Mr. Gee will be addressing the issue of students attending HBS that are not in our catchment area attending our school. Perspective numbers for the 2017/2018 school year will be large and the school will need to address students attending the school who are not in our boundaries (Peace Wapiti School Division). Our priority in alignment with the school act is the students in our boundary area. Students not in our catchment area are not funded for specialized services, in the past we have used total school student funding to provide services for all students. Individual letters will be sent to parents affected, this is a difficult and a lot of planning is involved.

6.      PWSD-  Wendy Kelm, Nominations open for Leader of Tomorrow awards by Grande Prairie Volunteer Services, it recognizes students between the ages of 13-18 who have made outstanding contributions to their communities through volunteerism. Deadline is Monday April 3rd.

New Principal at Penson School is Rod Vanstone starting September 2017

NRLC and Early Coalition Partners or hosting A Free Community Event. Power of Kindness on March 9th @ Stonebridge Hotel from 7-8:30 NRLC will be hosting Educational Assistants Conference in GP on March 9-10.

Spring General School Councils Meeting (see above)

Board Meeting on January 19th, we received Annual Maintenance report, update on Whispering Ridge , toured Harry Balfour School, letter was sent to request traffic lights at 108 and 132 County has approved Construction of the WRCS connector road.

Pink Shirt Day Feb 22nd

Next Board Meeting will be February 23rd

Parent Accountability Pillar is due February 24th

Alberta Education has also changed next years PAT's Grade 6-9 written response May 7-11, 2018 and multiple choice June 11-28, 2018. Starting 2017-2018 Grade 6 and 9 PATS will be administered to students during this time line rather than the pre-set date and time this gives Superintendents the s

7.       Staff report – Jessica

8.       Participarent Report- none available.


9.       PWA report- Carolyn, talked about their principal report, and their first semester marks report-they have shown improvements with recent policy changes and enforcement. They have an online newsletter available. Dwayne Peace sessions were reviewed from September 2016 to see if changes need to be made further from already made changes. Discontinued their speaker series due to lack of participation. PWA is sending members to ASCA, who will meet and come back with their recommendations.


10.   Grade Rep reports/questions


How is the division of HBS/WRCS going to take place? This has been done before when the Clairmont School opened, the process used then went smooth. In September 2017 children will be in classrooms with teachers who will move, in January 2018 if the new school is open students will start there on the first day back. Parent Council will also need to split in January, and this will need to be discussed in the future.


11.   Confirm next meeting date, Mar 15, 2017


12.   Adjourn Jen/Gerri


Action Items


Erin L to purchase gift cards for the Math Night and Sexting Presenters.


Christie S to complete the nomination for Rotary Service Above Self Award

Christie to send out ASCA resolutions.


Christie S. and Mr. O'Shea to check on Whispering Ridge send members to ASCA


Agenda HBSC Jan 18th, 2017 monthly meeting




Christan Gee                  Christie Spronk                 Erin Lafond        

Sheri MacMillan            Jennifer Coulic                  Brandi Reeve

Kristi Joyce                      Michelle Warkentin        Melanie Fedorowicz      

Carolyn Johnson           Monica Chambers           Jessica Fisher                     Stefanie Clark

Tyla Savard                      Brandi Reeeve                  Tina Hunt                             Rachel Kenney                 

Tyler Keddie                   Heather Cavanaugh        Jill Peters            



Gerri Kinisky                   Mona Grace                       Shawn O'Shea                   Erin Schroeder

Monica Chambers        Tyla Savard


Welcome. Meeting was called to order at 631pm

  • Sign in sheet complete with preferred contact numbers- everyone signed in
  • Regrets:   see above
  • Agenda additions- ASCA



1.       Minutes:  adopt minutes from last meeting (Nov 2016) as emailed- The minutes were approved as posted, Motion by Rachel K. to approve the minutes and 2nd by Carolyn J.


2.       Treasurer report – none available


3.       Old Business 

  • Feedback from Stress and Anxiety Workshop Jan 17th, 2017- Workshop went well, we had some parents come in and learn about the strategies and hopefully they will utilize them.

4.       New Business  

        • Approval of funds spent for Teacher donation in December- Motion to approve funds of $53.00 made by Carolyn J. and 2nd by Tina H. There was an email was sent to all council in December but a motion could not have been made until this meeting.
        • RCMP Presentation February 7th, 2017. 6pm to 8:30pm- Christie is working with the RCMP and PACE and there will be an email sent out to parents and information put on the HBS website. This workshop will be dedicated to internet and texting safety.
        • ASCA- The dates are April 28-30 for the Alberta School Council Association AGM. Resolutions will start to come out shortly and we will review them and decide how Harry Balfour would vote on the resolutions at the AGM


5.       Principal's Report –Mr. Gee

  1. Foyer upgrades
  2. January 27 - family literacy and book swap
  3. Food fair - March 29
  4. Social Emotional Health
      1. Parents/Staff - Anxiety workshop
      2. K-3 - Zones of Regulation
      3. Gr. 4 Whole class with Mrs. Schellenberg
      4. Gr. 5 Mindful breathing pilot (data driven)
      5. Gr. 6 PWA Mentorship
      6. Gr. 7-8 Whole class with Mrs. Schellenberg


6.       PWSD- Stefanie Clarke

The Whispering Ridge School meeting was held in January and all the information is on the board website. The school will open as a K-8. The board has received funding Administrators will have more flexibility on the dates of Gr 6 and 9 testing. The IT report from the December board meeting indicates local schools using a lot of megabytes and some school internet speeds are low. The Safe and Caring Policy passed with minor wording changes.

7.       Staff report – Jessica

School Council Meeting: Teacher Report January 18, 2017

*Christmas a time to give:

-Staffroom Festival of Trees – raised approx. $600.00, Student Council/Junior High Formal Dance Admissions donated $300 – Proceeds went to creating 2 Christmas Hampers and gifts for two HB Families in need, another HB Family in need was adopted by a generous HB Family, some money also went to the Saint Lawrence Centre.

-Salvation Army Food Bank Drive was a huge success again this year, thanks to all who donated.

-Gr. 3's Sending Love from Head to Toe gathered over 650 hats, mittens and socks for the homeless.  They were given out at the G.P. Charity Dinner on Dec. 16th

*Christmas Concert – Alliance Church – booking for next year

*Basketball has started – Boys team coached by Miss Gaucher (Winning 3-1 in League Play); Girls teams –coached by Ms. Carroll and Mr. McKechnie, girls won on the weekend and are 4-0 in League play.  Way to go!

*Gr. 3 Choir has started Tuesday at lunch recess for students that were interested.

*Ombrosa forms to house exchange students are coming in, we have one student for sure returning to HB –Charlotte

*Mrs. Stillwell has 8 Gr. 8 students registered for the Maritimes trip in May, she needs 12 students to sign-up.  (4 that have confirmed over the phone)

*Ms. Parsons – got her DELIH Certification (French Examiner)

*JH Dodgeball at Lunch - Students loving the dodge ball games vs the teachers

*Session 2 of Curling has started (Jan. 12 – Feb. 16), Mrs. Fisher has 28 gr. 4-6 students that are participating.  Thanks to Mrs. Cote for coaching and all the great parent volunteers!

*John Howard Presentations for Grades 6-8 –Jan. 23-26, and grade 7's attended their Eureka Program before the Christmas Break at Muskoseepi Park.  "The John Howard Society of Grande Prairie began in 1979 and is a community based non-profit organization concerned with the causes and consequences of crime. We believe that crime is a community problem and therefore requires community solutions. We focus on crime prevention through social development which addresses the risk factors that contribute to crime." http://www.johnhowardgp.ca/, Jan. 16, 2013.

*Jan. 19 – School Board visit

*Jan. 20 – PJ Day

*Jan 23 – Observation Students from GPRC with Miss Chandler and Mrs. Fisher

*Jan. 24 – Session 1 Lego Club starts, thanks Krista Umble!  (Session 2 starts March 7 – I think they are still looking for more helpers)

*Jan. 27 – Family Literacy Day/Book Swap.  To celebrate this day many individual teachers have classroom activities planned and the school is doing its Annual Book Swap.  Many classes devote the day to reading!  It will also be Jersey Day and that night is the Family Dance.


-Feb. 3 - District PD Day (No classes)

-Feb. 20 – Family Day (No school)

-March 2 – Gr. 5 & 6 Ski Trip

-March 6 (after-school) – March 8 –Jasper Ski Trip – Junior High – regular classes as only 40 out of 160 go.  Looking at taking the Gr. 7/8 students not going to Nitehawk for a day during this time

-March 9 & 10 Teacher's Convention (No classes)

-March 13-17 – PWSD 76 FMNI Presentation – Duane Howard (Actor, was in the Revenant)

-March 17 Report Cards K-8 with Parent Teacher Interviews March 23 (3:45 – 8:45pm)

-March 21- Kindergarten Registration

Up-Coming Band Info:

-March 14th – JH Band plays in the PWSD Spring Concert at the GPRC

-April 10-13 – Local Music Festival Gr. 5, 6 and JH Band – more info to come (April 8 & 9 – Solo and small group performances – please let Mr. Dommer know if students are interested in this)

-May 4-8 JH Band Trip the Sun Peaks/Calgary

-May 16-17 – Gr. 6 Honour Band trip to Red Deer for Provincials

I think that is it for this monthJ

8.       Participarent Report- Brandi Reeve

Lego club is moving ahead, applications from students are being accepted. Pita Pit lunch will be test trialed this week, the forms were due today. The participarent section of the website has been updated on what they do and what has been purchased. Continuing to work on participarent bylaws.


9.       PWA report- Carolyn J.

The accountability survey results are being tabulated. The graduation rates/results are being reviewed and discussion ensued around courses and work experience. Automatic open will be installed in the gym doors, and received money from Central Office for this upgrade.


10.   Grade Rep reports/questions

Can we make the front section of the school and idle free zone? Mr. Gee will take this further.

Can we get a crosswalk in front of the school? An email was sent to all staff to not park in front of the school, hopefully this will help with some congestion. If we are wanting a cross walk we would need to contact the city.


11.   Confirm next meeting date Feb 22nd, 2017

12.   Adjourn Meeting-motion to adjourn the meeting by Carolyn J. 2nd by Tyler K.

13.   Math presentation 7pm

Telephone: (780)532-9276   Fax (780)532-0253

Agenda HBSC Nov 16, 2016 School Council Meeting



Christan Gee             Shawn O'Shea             Christie Spronk            Erin Lafond     

Sheri MacMillan       Mona Grace                Jennifer Coulic            Brandi Reeve

Kristi Joyce                Michelle Warkentin    Melanie Fedorowicz    Gerri Kinisky

Carolyn Johnson        Monica Chambers       Jessica Fisher               Stefanie Clark

Tyla Savard



Tina Hunt                  Rachel Kenney             Tyler Keddie                Heather Cavanaugh

Jill Peters                  Brandi Reeve              


1)       Welcome. Meeting was called to order at 630pm

  • Sign in sheet complete with preferred contact numbers- everyone signed in
  • Regrets:   see above
  • Agenda additions –added "Tell it From Me" survey to Mr. Gee's report


2)       Minutes- The minutes were approved as posted, Motion by Carolyn J. to approve the minutes and 2nd by Erin L.


3)       Treasurer report –Christie Spronk, Sheri MacMillan and Christian Gee- The financial errors we have been experiencing have finally been cleared up. There have been some errors between the Student Union Account and the School Council Account. We have also received our funding from Central Office ($1643.00). Our total amount of dollars is $3744.96. We still have not paid the School Fees for the AGM prize. The issue of paying babysitting out of this account has come up, and we are not allowed to pay a babysitter out of the School Council account due to liability issues. Motion made that all willing parents will donate $10 each to cover babysitting for the full year of $140.00, Motion made by Carolyn J. and 2nd by Erin L. Motion was passed.

4)       Old Business-

  • PWSD Joint School Council Meeting-AHS provided a health promotion specialist to provide statistics on teen pregnancy, smoking rates etc. for our area. There were breakout groups that met and shared what each of them were doing in their schools and a document will be created with results. The next PWSD meeting will be March 28th, 2017.


5)        New Business

  • December meeting -  We decided to cancel this meeting. Our Christmas gift to you J
  • Whispering Ridge School Update- construction is going well; brick is going up for the gym. They had a site meeting today, the crew is happy the ground is freezing, no safety issues. There is a meeting at Harry Balfour School on November 17th, 2016 at 5pm; this is for the parents of students currently in Grade 6 and 7. There are some concerns in regards to opening the school as a K-6 vs. a K-8 school. Shawn wants to collect parent feedback and he will take it to the board for a final decision. A survey will also be made available.
  •  Whispering Ridge Participarent Society presented to the County for the $50,000.00 grant, they are waiting to hear back from them. There will be a movie night, held inside the Pomeroy Office (old Jan theatre) downtown Grande Prairie the date will be announced shortly, a movie will be shown and snacks for sale. January 21st, there will be a bottle drive and there is a code for Whispering Ridge fundraising at the bottle depot (2019). February 25th, there will be a date night at J.P Outpost in Clairmont, dinner, drinks, dance, DJ and silent auction. They are also looking for volunteers to work the Cash and Camping lottery tent for which they receive a donation. The committee is looking for a communication person and volunteers to help out at all of these events and if there are more bring them forward.
  • Upcoming presentations- we are waiting to hear back from the RCMP on the Texting/Sexting nights, to see when they are available. Mrs. April Brown and Mrs. Leann Miller are available for a math night. Christie will book Math night for January 21st the same night as School Council. Carolyn J. will develop a Speech night and pick a date for that. Christie will approach Mrs. Schellenburg to talk to us about anxiety perhaps during Mental Health Week.
  • Tell It From Me Survey- see Mr. Gee's report.


Principal's Report- Mr. Gee, update from last meeting the Harry Balfour School Recycle Depot # is 1253-9276    


  1. Team BENGALS update
    1. Toonie toilets - providing safe bathrooms for women
    2. Money being raised for Bandaged Paws
    3. Nov 21 - field trip


  1. Christmas Concerts December 6th
    1. Alliance Church
    2. Need support taking choir risers to church on Tuesday 4:30 and back after the concert.  May need some help on Monday; coordinating with CCS
    3. Cancelled Hot Chocolate saved $250 do we want to do something outside?
    4. 2 security people needed and 3-4 parking lot attendants
    5. K-4: 5:30-6:30
    6. 5-8: 7:30-8:30

  1. Entryway Rehabilitation Project
    1. Move school pictures
    2. Update furniture
    3. Paint
    4. Remove unnecessary items
    5. Potential for electronic display
    6. Trophy cabinet ideas
    7. Work bee date(s):

  1. RAD Boys
    1. RAD BOYS is a program designed for boys to get positive leadership, and allow them to be their authentic selves.
    2. Gratitude
    3. Balance
    4. Trust
    5. Mindfulness
    6. Confidence
    7. Self Expression
  1. School Improvement Plan
    1. Anxiety
    2. Continuity in Math
    3. Balanced Literacy
    4. Accuracy in assessment
    5. Addressing mental health in the classroom
    6. CRM - creating tools to improve communication and meeting efficiencies

  1. Tell Them From Me survey

    1. Multiple Choice: https://www.tellthemfromme.com/static/docs/EffectiveSchoolsSurveySampleMultipleChoiceQuestions.pdf
    1. Short Answer: https://www.tellthemfromme.com/static/docs/EffectiveSchoolsSurveySampleOpenEndedQuestions.pdf?


    1. Parent input


  1. Curriculum Survey
    1. http://fluidsurveys.com/s/curriculumsurvey/




      PWSD- Stefanie Clarke- There have been questions around inclement weather cancellations, Ted and another employee from the bus department will drive roads at 4am to check the drivability of roads, a decision will be made and published by 6am. It is posted on the website, radio and emails go out. Bus drivers are given the ability to cancel their own routes if they feel it is too dangerous. The link to this article is available on the PWSD website. From Joint School Council meeting- the power point from Alberta Health Services, the meeting minutes and the break out session document are posted on the PWSD website under school council. The 2017/2018 draft calendar was reviewed and sent to the 3 other school districts and will be reviewed at the December board meeting. The PWSD Christmas Card Contest is now open for Gr 7-9 students a winner will be chosen and featured on the 2016 Christmas card. Stefanie attended the Public School Board Association Meeting, there is a campaign being started to have 1 public school system in Alberta it is an interesting campaign and something to watch for. There was discussion on the Legacy of this terms participants- what has been accomplished and what is left to do. There was an MLA panel which discussed if the Education Act will be passed or not, there was discussion on the Carbon Tax and Curriculum redesign. The Safe and Caring Committee recommendations have been put up under News and Announcements on the PWSD website. The board has reviewed them and will be discussed at the upcoming meeting. Christie S. and Carolyn J. were members of this committee. There has been many talks of capacity around the district and 3 modular buildings have been requested for Bezanson School. There are many education nights for PWA- dates are available on the PWSD website. The capacity and utilization numbers are available on the website under the agenda from the last PWSD board meeting.


      Staff report – Jessica Fisher  

      *Fundraisers on the go – Participarents ShopFunds due Nov. 16th and the Band Purdy's Chocolates due Nov. 18th

      *Bengals Clothing online orders due by Nov. 30th

*Our Grade 6 classes delivered "Canada Remembers Times" newspapers donated from the Canadian Legion to approx. 400 houses surrounding Harry Balfour School.  Every grade 6 student also wrote a paragraph of "What Remembrance Day means to me" and included this writing with the Remembrance Day newspaper.  With the help of two parent supervisors, their teachers, Ms. Cote and Mrs. Stilwell they delivered the "Canada Remembers Times" on a beautiful day, November 3rd. The students were happy to promote the importance of Remembrance Day around our neighborhood.


*Alberta Health Services were here to do the first round of Gr. 5 Immunizations, they are not doing Flu Immunizations at the schools this year.

*Nov. 6th –Random Acts of Kindness (Healthy Ninja Organized)

*We had a very nice Remembrance Day ceremony on Nov. 10 which included poems read by some of the Legion winners, Thanks to Gerald Cooke for coming and playing his trumpet for us, to Mrs. Pfefferle for organizing it all, and to our special guests Capt. Hagerty and Ms. Malina.  

*Nov. 15 Motivational Circus Presentation for Gr. 6-8

*Junior Achievement North here again with grade 3 & 4's this time

*Nov. 18 – 5pm Whispering Ridge Meeting for Gr. 6 & 7 parents – looking for feedback on opening the school K-8

*Nov. 21 – Team BENGALS Day Gr. 7 & 8 – County Sport plex and a movie!

* Nov. 24th - Report Cards go home with students with Parent Teacher Interviews to follow Nov. 30 & Dec. 1 from 5-7:30pm.

* Nov. 24th - 3S is scheduled for a live chat with their Olympic Luge Athlete, Arianne Jones on Thursday, November 24 at 1:30 - 2:00.


*Scholastic Book Fair in the library Nov 28 – Dec. 1, same week as PTI

*Volleyball has wrapped up all 3 teams did well and improved their skills over the season and ended with a lively game staff vs the students.  Thanks to the players, their parents and the coaches for the great season!  Go Bengals Go.

*Basketball season has kicked off with try outs this week, Boys' Coach is Miss Gauche and the girls' team is coached by Mr. McKechnie and Ms. Carroll.

*Teachers at Balfour have had some Observation Students from GPRC and Mrs. Wrzosek has welcomed a third year practicum student teacher, Ms. Marks, into her classroom for the next 5 weeks.


*Gr. 5/6 Newcombe Ball Tournament is in the works – date to be determined

*Science in Motion will be back Nov. 29-Dec. 1 for all students that have not yet participated

*Options for Gr. 4-8 wrap-up on Nov. 24th, new ones start the week after.  Gr. 5 students that were in the Science Fair Option will present from 2:38 – 3:10pm, parents welcome!

*Dec. 6- K-4 Christmas Music Concert to start at 5:30pm (students should be there by 5pm) it is at the Alliance Church, change over at 6:30pm with the Gr. 5-8 Band/Music Concert to start at &:30pm, Thanks to Mrs. Cote and Mr. Dommer for all their hard work that goes into organizing this for all 830 plus students here at HB

*Please check out the calendar on our Webpage and like us on Facebook!  Mrs. Stilwell has been working very hard to keep these up-to-date, please let her know if you have anything you would like her to add to either of these.

I think that is it for this monthJ



Participarent Report- Heather K- it was brought forward that Heather has resigned her position, participarent is meeting on November 17th, 2016 and will find a new rep.


PWA report- Carolyn, there is a student rep named Brooklyn who participates in this meeting and she spoke of the football team updates, and revamping the dress code to be equally enforced between males and females. There is a student responder program where students are fully trained in First Aide this program is going quite well at this school and the students receive credits for this program. PWA has lost their shop teacher and are in progress of finding another. The Dwayne Peace program went ahead, a letter was sent home to parents prior to the program and small groups were provided with a trained adult to help with supervision. PWA had Bill Given come to speak to the students. JSET was November 16, 2016 for grade 5-12 which is a program to get student input on different topics.


Grade Rep Report- Carolyn J asked "what are the fundraising goals of participarent?" there have been some conversations around this and what is the mission to better student education and supporting the children. Participarent purchased each classroom 2 fidget chairs which arrived November 16, 2016. They also just made a donation towards sports at Harry Balfour and they are also purchasing new uniforms for the school teams. We would like to see Participarent be transparent around their fundraising purposes. Participarent is in the process of creating bylaws which will set their goals and re-evaluate what is next when a goal is achieved. Jenifer C. asked how to promote her role on student council. Jennifer can put together an email introducing herself and her role, Mr. Gee will be able to send this out and Christie will ensure that our reps names and information will be posted to the website.


Reports from Committees

Bylaw Committee: no update

School Enhancement Committee: See Mr. Gee's report and watch for upcoming volunteer nights.

Confirm next meeting date January 18th, 2017

Meeting adjourned by Monica Chambers and 2nd by Mona Grace.


Action Items:


  • Christie Spronk to book upcoming Math night for the January 18th meeting, continue to work with RCMP and Mrs. Schellenburg on their nights.
  • Mrs. Fisher will check on the availability to have Bengal clothing samples to try on, perhaps for parent council and extend the deadline to after this date.
  • Christie Spronk will look for a generic roles letter to forward to the Council Members
  • Members to bring $10.00 at the next meeting. If you have concerns with this please contact Christie Spronk.

Harry Balfour School Council Meeting

October 19th, 2016, 6:30 pm

Science Lab



Christian Gee              Christie Spronk            Erin Lafond      Sheri MacMillan         Mona Grace

Jill Peters                     Jennifer Coulic            Brandi Reeve   Kristi Joyce                  Tina Hunt

Rachel Kenney             Melanie Fedorowicz    Jessica Fisher   Tyler Keddie                Heather Cavanaugh                Shawn O'Shea             Tyla Savard




Erin Schroeder            Michelle Warkentin    Gerri Kinisky    Carolyn Johnson                        Monica Chambers            Stefanie Clarke


  1.   Welcome
          1. Introduction to Parent Council, Christie welcomed everyone to the 2016 Harry Balfour School Parent Council. Meeting was called to order at 6:31pm.
          2. Introductions - tell us a bit about yourself, Participants went around the table to introduce themselves
          3. Sign in sheet complete with preferred and correct contact numbers, sign in sheet was distributed and corrections made as necessary
          4. Everyone receive email of agenda; Agenda additions? Motion to approve the agenda made by Jill P 2nd by Rachel K.
          5. Regrets:  see above


            2.  Minutes:  adopt minutes from last meeting (May 2016) as distributed

            Motion to approve the minutes made by Erin L  2nd by Tyler K


            3.  Old Business   
          1. Treasurer Report From AGM, Deferred to the November 2016 meeting, Mr. Gee and Christie Spronk will check into the accuracy of the report
          2. Upcoming mental health presentations, See New Business
          3. Whispering Ridge School update, See New Business


            4.  Treasurer report: Christie/Mona, deferred to November meeting


            5.   New Business 
          1. Grade reps and executive info will be on website- FOIP information was discussed and participants agreed to have their information published, or not.
          2. AGM feedback, appeared to be good attendance, we need to work harder that attendees enter the draw, need to be present to win the prize, teacher has the ability to pick the classroom prize within the budget, we will review the Role of Student Council Appendix at the next AGM.
          3. Committees to form (education nights, resolutions, bylaws) –

            Bylaw committee formed Tyla and Tyler will review the Harry Balfour School Council Bylaws.

            Erin L, Christie S, Tina H will form a School Enhancement Committee.

            Ideas for Education Nights- Literacy, Speech Therapy, Mental Health, Teens and Drugs, Math, Social Media Safety, ASCA has webinars that we can access as well, check out the website for upcoming events.

            Tyla gave an update on ASCA, and our process on submitting bylaws.      

          4. Joint School Council. Tuesday October 25th, 2016 at Sexsmith Secondary School at 6pm, supper is included. If you wish to participate please contact Mr. Gee if you wish to attend.
          5. Role of school Council in our school  (See appendix), We reviewed the Harry Balfour School Council Roles(attached)
          6. Confirm babysitting for year, Kaylea MacMillan will babysit for the year we will seek out last year's babysitter Norah Johnson to see if she is willing to help out. $10.00 per hour, and please let Christie Spronk know a day in advance if you need babysitting.
          7. Participarent question-Carolyn Deferred to November meeting
          8. Whispering Ridge School Update, Shawn O'Shea gave an update on Whispering Ridge School. He will be active in Harry Balfour until Whispering Ridge opens. There will be an "intent to attend" form distributed in the upcoming weeks, this is to start planning and get a rough ideas of numbers. Construction has begun and steel structure should start to go up in a few weeks, slated opening is January 2017. Boundaries were set by the board and Mr. O'Shea will get a map to set up at Harry Balfour School. We are working with Transportation/bus planning. Playground/Participarent group for Whispering Ridge has already been established, the facebook page is up and running, fundraising ideas are being tossed around and we are welcome to suggestions. Updates will go out on the Harry Balfour School newsletter and we will approach Clairmont School to add to their website.


            7.  PWSD Report - Stefanie Clarke

             Good Morning  
            Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the SC meeting this month.  I will be attending the Alberta Public School associations annual fall meeting in Edmonton along with Danna and Wendy,  please forward this to
                Here is a few points I was planing on sharing, If there is any other Questions please don't hesitate to send me and I will get back to you right away.
               Congratulations and many thanks to the HB community for their generous support of the Terry Fox Run, YOU GUY'S ROCK !
            -Dana McIntosh is Chair with Bob Knull as Vice.
            -Geoff Berg was the Edwin Parr nominee this year. The board also nominated the Rotary Clubs of Alberta for the Friends of Education Award.  
            -the board Just complete the first ever board evaluations, was good, and they will do consistently for now on.  
            - PWSD enrollment is 5800 students as of Sept.  Basically the same as last year
            - 104 bus routes.
            Poor weather has held up Whispering Ridge construction but things are moving along
            -The Horse Lake rep position has been extended at PWSD, it was a pilot position, now it is permanent. Next review of this positions will be 2018.
            Safe and Caring Policy was served with a petition signed by 300 people. PWSD has to provide a meeting where the board choses 2 people and the group presenting the petition chooses 4 people to meet and talk through and proposed changes to the policy and present it to the board. The board makes the final decision on the changes.  Results of the process will be out after the 27th of October.

            Thank You
            Sorry for the short notice
            Stefanie Clarke


            8.  Principal's Report - Mr. Gee
  1. Student council initiatives
    1. Team Bengal (formerly Team X)(Jr. High service and support) Each letter represents what students are striving to achieve and become:








    1. Support for local, national, international programs
    1. How can school council support?
      1. Work with Amanda C/Jonathan G
      2. Identify opportunities for service learning
  1. Our numbers are up
    1. 831 at last count
    2. Made 1 additional kindergarten class hiring Katharyn Dallaire
    3. 45.36 FTE Teaching staff from 44.5 predicted
    4. 29.2 FTE EA's
  1. Academic initiatives
    1. Math Initiative in conjunction with Division
    2. Balanced literacy with all staff and support through coaches and Rowena Stewart
    3. Increased support for accurate assessment practice in Jr. High (from gr. 6 to 7 switching from outcomes based ME/MC/AC/NYM to marks) through documentation of formative assessment
    4. Math support through identification and intensive structured interventions
    5. No Zero policy in Jr. High - explanation
  1. Addressing Anxiety
    1. Zones of regulation language
    2. Communicated through the newsletter/FB
  1. Behavioural/mental health supports
    1. Mental Health Tool - creating at HB through Comprehensive School Health
    2. Additional support for students on autism spectrum
    3. Monthly (Boot Camp) meetings with Carolyn Hovey-Johnson
  1. TTFM
    1. What question(s) would SC like to ask students about our school?
  1. CRM
    1. Meetings are structured and effective  
    2. Embedded time has provided roughly 1 hour a week for grade level meetings
    3. Pre meeting tool to support efficiency in CRM meetings

     Can schools release the names of school council members, for example, in a school newsletter?
    1. β€’ Like school staff, school council members should be notified of why their personal information (e.g. name, phone number) is being collected, how it will be used, and to whom it will be disclosed. Information may then be released accordingly.
    2. β€’ Schools should discuss with council members how their personal information will be used, for example, whether home phone numbers will be released, and to whom.
    3. β€’ For an elected member of the council, there is an expectation that the individual's name and contact information will be available to anyone.



      9.  Staff Report - Mrs. Fisher,

                  Great Things:

      -Corn Roast was Sept. 8 was great again this year.

      -Sept. 29 Terry Fox Run – school raised over $11, 000 WOW!

      -Sept. 30th – Orange Shirt Day – to recognize resiliency and bravery of residential school survivors and their families.

      -Oct. 17 – Parent Band Meeting – Junior High Band Trip to Sun Peaks this May for the Con Brio Music Festival

      On the Go:

      -STAR360 – Math Only this year; using F&P Testing for Literacy

      -Restructuring Team Ex. This year for Junior High
  • Our Junior High team has reimagined its "rewards" program to be inclusive for all and promote self-reflection and citizenship. 

Students will reflect upon the acronym below and strive to actively improve upon themselves.  Our JH will plan, promote and contribute to our community and the greater good throughout the year, being active citizens.  They will also enjoy time together to celebrate their hard work and bond as a team.  

All JH students are now a part of "Team B.E.N.G.A.L.S."

Each letter represents what students are striving to achieve and become:









-School Community Time is going really well!  The JH students are excited to go and the teachers have been enjoying connecting and reconnecting with the older students.  Seeing our JH students as leaders and role models during this time has been really positive so far!


-Volleyball: *Boys – Coaching is Ms. Chandler,  Black Bengals Girls – Coach is Mrs. Wrzosek, and Gold Bengals Girls- Coach is Ms. Robinson

All teams played in the Little Red Tournament. They all played well.

All teams will be participating in the St Mary's tournament this coming weekend in Beaverlodge. It was postponed from last weekend due to weather.


-Swimming Lessons are scheduled for this year gr. 2-5

-3S is participating in Classroom Champions again this year.

-Gr. 4's are looking after school bottle recycling again this year and doing a great job!

-Grade 8 Travel Club – Mrs. Stilwell planning an EF Tour to the Maritime Provinces for May, 21 students have interest forms in and 3 have paid/registered.

-Fundraisers Band Purdy's Christmas Chocolates coming soon, catalogues going out early November, Participant Gift Card will also be out before Christmas and Casino Nov. 8 & 9

Up Coming:

-Oct. 20 – Morning for Gr. 7 & 8 will be in a workshop provided by Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta & NWT - We're on a mission to inspire and prepare youth to succeed in a global economy; Harry Balfour – 60th Anniversary; Gr. 4-6 Curling starts 4-5:30pm for 24 students.  Mrs. Fisher helping out Coach Mrs. S Cote (Session 2 after Christmas)

-Oct. 21 – PD Day


-Oct. 22 – Mrs. Fisher and Mr. Schwandt are taking 4 teams of gr 6-8 students to APEGA Science Olympics

-Oct. 26th – Final Day for Run Club (Thanks to many Teachers for helping out with this!)

-Oct. 27 - Science in Motion for Grade 5's and 6/7; they will be back to do more sessions from Nov. 29-Dec. 1 so that every grade including ECS will have a presentation.

-Oct. 28 – Junior High Halloween Dance from 7-10:30pm; Gr. 6 Dare Program starts

-Oct. 31 – Halloween festivities are in the works… including afternoon classroom activities, a parade and lots of fun things.

-Nov. 1 – Healthy Active Schools Symposium – Healthy Ninja's

-Nov. 4 – Movie Night (Thanks Participarent)

-Nov. 11 Remembrance Day –Kasia Pfefferle is organizing the ceremony which will be held on Thursday the 10th

-Nov. 15 – Motivational Circus Gr. 6-8

  *It has been a busy start to the new school year with lots going on so I am sure that I missed a few things, but that is all for nowJ



10.  Participarent Report - Heather K

Run club is in full swing, they are having a fun run on October 26th

Movie night is November 4th, Finding Dory

Casino night is November 8/9, lots of volunteers, band parents are helping out with volunteers

Next hot lunch is November 4th, Subway.


11.  PWA Report-Carolyn J

Startup is going well, new flooring throughout the school. PWA bootcamp, for Grade 9 parents was well attended-addresses powerschool, curriculum, homework expectations etc.

PWA School Council is working on a speaker series from HIV North re: drug awareness/how to spot drug use in teens, STI's/HIV etc. Will invite all schools once dates are confirmed.

Dwayne Peace will again be running workshops with all the new PWA kids-this year parents will be notified with a letter, info will be on the website etc.


12. Grade Rep Reports/Questions


13.  Confirm Next Meeting Date: November 16th 6:30


14. Adjourn, Motion to adjourn the meeting by Tina H    2nd by Jill P.


Thanks to Erin L for providing the snacks.





Harry Balfour School Council Roles




The chair shall be responsible for planning the agenda for meetings, facilitating the meetings, acting as spokesperson for the council, and generally supervising the council.



The Vice-chair shall assist the chair with duties as assigned and, in the absence of the chair, assume the duties of the chair.



The secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes and records of the meetings, taking care of all correspondence and communications, and keeping an accurate list of names and addresses of the council members.



The treasurer shall be responsible for keeping all financial transactions of the council, presenting an account of the funds to the members and preparing the accounts for auditing.


Grade Representative                                                                                                          

This membership position was created a number of years ago by the Harry Balfour School Council and is included in the HBSC Constitution and Bylaws.


Each Grade Rep. position is usually held by one person but can be shared


The goal of this membership structure is to encourage more participation in decision making, ensuring the inclusion of the school as a whole.


Each Grade Rep. is responsible for communicating with the parents, students and teachers of his/her grade and for sharing information regarding concerns, opinions and activities happening at a particular grade level.


Anyone wishing to act in this capacity should be prepared to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. Attend all monthly Council meetings
  2. Open a dialogue with the parents of your grade (a form letter is made available at the October meeting)
  3. Introduce yourself to the teachers of your grade
  4. Bring the skills and ideas that you have to enhance the position


Through the Grade Representative, parents and staff at all grade levels (including Kindergarten) have a voice.



Action Items:


  • Christie Spronk, Christian Gee to check on AGM Treasurer Report
  • Christian Gee will send out sample "tell it from me questions" council members will come up with sample questions.
  • Christian Gee will get the Recycle Depot Number for Harry Balfour School and provide for next meeting.