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Hythe Regional School
Remote Learning Information

Parents are welcome to pick up student’s personal belongings and pick up paper copies of learning packages any time that we are open. Please call ahead so that we can gather these items and meet you at the main door. We will have a labelled tub outside the main door of the school for parents to return completed work to. Please make sure it is packaged and clearly labelled with the student's name. This will help ensure the correct teachers get it back. New work is being made available online or via paper copies each Thursday.

We will continue to keep you updated as we receive information moving forward.

Students have Google accounts through the school. Google offers many online tools, including email. Many teachers have also created Google Classroom sites that students can access which may contain class specific links to assignments and resources. The student email address is their username@s.pwsd76.ca. Students will need to know their username and password to access this account.

Teachers have various methods of communicating with students and parents.
Please use the following link for details of how each teacher would like to communicate with you: 

Teachers have created a page of links to educational resources for students and parents:

Assessment of Remote Learning Student Work

Moving forward we will be putting results of formative assessments into PowerSchool. ​Formative assessments are activities designed to create engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for students. They are not an assessment of what a student knows, but rather they are designed to gather information for the student and teacher about what steps need to be taken next, to achieve student goals. We are giving the students work to practice, to keep their brains active,​ and to build their skills for their future. Students will receive timely feedback based on content and performance and will be encouraged to “fix” their mistakes to enhance their learning. This is support work and assignments that contribute to their understanding of concepts, much like “practices” for a sport’s team.

The formative assessment grades for at-home learning cannot be seen using the Power School App on devices. You need to go to https://sis.pwsd76.ab.ca/public/ through the browser, such as Chrome or Safari, on your device.

Jr. High students and parents/guardians, once you are logged in - click on the Grades and Attendance tab - T3 column - click [i] of class.
* If you are accessing this through the browser on your device, you may have to go to the PS main site once you are logged into Powerschool.

Elementary, feedback will come through written comments in paper learning packages, phone calls, Google Classroom, Class Dojo or emails.

If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.

You will see this not as a mark or number in PowerSchool, but using the indicators below:

ME (Meeting with Excellence) This level describes achievement that is commendable. The student demonstrates an in-depth and broad understanding of a subject outcome at this grade.
MC (meeting with Competency) This level describes achievement that is competent. The student demonstrates a well-developed and consistent understanding of the subject outcome at this grade.
AC (Approaching with Competency) This level describes achievement that is making progress towards competence. The student may demonstrate inconsistent and or not yet complete understanding of a subject outcome at this grade.
NYM (Not Yet Meeting) This level describes achievement that is not yet at an acceptable level. The student demonstrates insufficient understanding of a subject outcome at this grade level.
** Please see teacher comments.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher.