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Eaglesham School
Learning for Successful Living

At Eaglesham School we are attempting to achieve the following goals:

1. Develop competencies in communication which include reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing;
*Acquire basic knowledge and develop skills and attitudes in Mathematics, the Practical and Fine Arts, the Sciences, the Social Studies (including History and Geography), and French, with appropriate local, national and international emphasis in each;
*Develop learning skills of finding, organizing, analyzing and applying information in a constructive and objective manner;
*Acquire knowledge and develop skills, attitudes and habits which contribute to physical, mental and social well-being;
*Acquire knowledge and develop skills, attitudes and habits required to respond to the opportunities and expectations of the world of work.

2. The broader goals of education are a shared responsibility with the home, church and community. In this regard, the school will strive to achieve the following:

*Develop intellectual curiosity and a desire for lifelong learning;
*Develop and demonstrate understanding and tolerance of people from varying backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles;
*Develop a set of values and a sense of community responsibility which embraces respect for law and authority, public and private property and the rights of others;
*Develop self discipline, self understanding and a positive concept through realistic appraisal of one’s capabilities and limitations;
*Develop an appreciation for tradition and the ability to understand and respond to change as it occurs in personal life and in society;
*Develop an interest in cultural and recreational pursuits;
*Develop a commitment to the careful use of natural resources and to the preservation and improvement of the physical environment;
*Develop a sense of purpose in life and ethical or spiritual values which respect the worth of the individual, justice, fair play and fundamental rights, responsibilities and freedoms;

The ultimate aim of education is to develop the abilities of the individual in order to fulfill personal aspirations while making a positive contribution to society.