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Eaglesham School
Learning for Successful Living
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Regular Bell Schedule

​Homeroom​8:50 a.m.​8:55 a.m.
​1​8:55 a.m.​9:32 a.m.
​2​9:32 a.m.​10:09 a.m.
​Recess​10:09 a.m.10:19 a.m.
3​10:19 a.m.​10:56 a.m.
4​10:56 a.m.​11:33 a.m.
​Lunch​11:33 a.m.​11:48 a.m.
​Recess​11:48 a.m.​12:08 p.m.
​5​12:08 p.m.​12:45 p.m.
​6​12:45 p.m.​1:22 p.m.
​7 (flex)​1:22 p.m.​1:54 p.m.
​Recess​1:54 p.m.​2:04 p.m.
​8​2:04 p.m.​2:41 p.m.
​9​2:41 p.m.​3:18 p.m.

Bell Schedule on first working Monday of the month - Staff Meeting

​Homeroom​8:50 a.m.​8:55 a.m.
​1​8:55 a.m.​9:31 a.m.
​2​9:31 a.m.​10:09 a.m.
​Recess​10:09 a.m.10:18 a.m.
3​10:18 a.m.​10:54 a.m.
4​10:54 a.m.​11:31 a.m.
​Lunch​11:31 a.m.​11:46 a.m.
​Recess​11:46 a.m.​12:11 p.m.
​5​12:11 p.m.​12:47 p.m.
​6​12:47 p.m.​1:23 p.m.
Recess​1:23 p.m.​1:33 p.m.
7​1:33 p.m.​2:09 p.m.
​8​2:09 p.m.​2:45 p.m.