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School Fees

Clairmont Community School
2020-2021 School Fees

Announced in the spring of 2017, the Alberta Government's Bill 1: An Act to Reduce School Fees will cover basic instructional supplies at Peace Wapiti Public Schools, defined as textbooks, workbooks, photocopying, printing and paper. Additional revenue provided by the province will cover Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) fees for students up to Grade 8. Peace Wapiti Public School Division does not charge Transportation fees. For more information, read PWPSD's School Fees Policy online: Policy HIAF: School Fees HIAF.

Type of FeeAmount
Basic Instructional Supplies$0.00
Technology User Fee$0.00
Alternative Program Fees$0.00
Fees for Optional Courses$0.00
Non-Curricular Travel*: 
  • Grade 6 Trip
Early Childhood Services$0.00
Extracurricular Fees
  • Junior High Boys and Girls Basketball team
  • ​Junior High Boys and Girls Volleyball team
Activity Fees: 
  • Swimming Fee, Grades 2-5
  • Ski Trip, Grades 4-8
  • Winter Carnival Trip, Grades 1-3
  • Band Trip
Lunch Supervision and Noon-Hour Activity Fees$0.00
Non-Curricular Goods and Services$0.00
Other Fees to Enhance Education$0.00
Other Fees$0.00


* Non-Curricular Travel costs vary by the destination and length of the trip.