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Beaverlodge Regional High

Please use the following e-mail address for  general inquiries: brhs@pwsd76.ab.ca

If you wish to contact a staff member, click on their names below.  If the staff e-mail is not accessible, please use the following example: firstnamelastname@pwsd76.ab.ca to contact staff member.


The Beaverlodge Regional High School Staff, 2015-2016: Teachers and Support Staff


Back row: Chelsea de Ruiter, Ryan McKay, Michael Rourke, Gina Troskot, Tessa Embleton, Kathy Lambert, Connie Calliou, Rob Sorochan, Anna Nelson, Earl Samuelson, Roxy Jones, Ken Pon

Middle row: Erin Martin, Courtney Robinson, Terry Smith, Beth Anne Caufield, Cailyn Byers, Shanley Moskol, David Penner, Nicole Moore, Robyn Young, Miranda Kellar, Bev Dixon, Emily Gee, Karen Drykach

Front row: Connie Mitchell, Heather Hoggan, Heidi Sandboe, Scott Bowen, Myles Edgar, Lynn Nordhagen, Amy Dzus Clarke, Donna Lewis


Anna Nelson
Ken Pon
Co- Principal
Front Office
Connie Calliou
Native Liason
Chelsea de Ruiter
Student Records
Roxy Jones
Nicole Moore
Scott Bowen
Social Studies
Cailyn Byers
English, Social Studies
Beth Ann Caufield
Food Studies
Amy Dzus Clarke
Science, Social Studies
Bev Dixon
English, Work Experience
Myles Edgar
Physical Education, Film Studies
Tessa Embleton
Emily Gee
Fashion Studies, Computers
Heather Hoggan
Miranda Kellar
Social Studies, English
Kathy Lambert
Donna Lewis
Accounting, Computers, Legal Studies
Erin Martin
Physical Education
Ryan McKay
Connie Mitchell
Cosmetology, CALM
Lynn Nordhagen
Social Studies, French, Yoga
David Penner
Courtney Robinson
Physical Education, Leadership
Mike Rourke
Science, Biology
Earl Samuelson
Heidi Sandboe
Chemistry, Science
Terry Smith
Rob Sorochan
Science, Physics
Gina Troskot
Communications Technology
Support Staff
Karen Drykach
Educational Assistant 
Shanley Moskol
Educational Assistant
Teresa Rempel
Educational Assistant
Robyn Young
*Note: where email links are not provided, please phone the school
in order to speak with the staff member directly.