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Beaverlodge Regional High

Please use the following e-mail address for  general inquiries: ChelseadeRuiter@pwsd76.ab.ca - administrative assistant.

If you wish to contact a staff member, click on their names below.  If the staff e-mail is not accessible, please use the following example: firstnamelastname@pwsd76.ab.ca to contact staff member.


The Beaverlodge Regional High School Staff, 2017 - 2018: Teachers and Support Staff


Back row: Symon Pfau, Mike Rourke, Chelsea de Ruiter, Connie Calliou, Kathy Lambert, Beth Ann Caufield, Jackie Cole, Roxy Jones, Miranda Kellar, Earl Samuelson, Gina Troskot, Rob Sorochan

Middle row: Anna Nelson, Dave Penner, Tessa Embleton, Shawna MacKinnon, Shanley Moskol, Karen Dyrkach, Hailey Genovese, Nicole Moore, Cailyn Byers, Erin Martin

Front row: Bev Dixon, Heather Hoggan, Lynn Nordhagen, Emily Gee, Penny Calvert, Amy Dzus, Heidi Sandboe, Myles Edgar


Anna Nelson   Principal​Penny Calvert  Assistant Principal

Front Office Staff

Connie Calliou Native LiasonChelsea de Ruiter Student RecordsRoxy Jones - AccountingNicole Moore - Librarian
Shawna MacKinnon - English, Social Cailyn Byers - English, Social Studies
Beth Ann Caufield - Food StudiesBev Dixon- Eng. Wk. Exper.
Amy Dzus  - Science ChemMyles Edgar - Phys Ed, Film Studies
Tessa Embleton - ArtEmily Gee - Fashion Studies
Heidi Sandboe - Sci ChemGina Troskot - Communications TechnologyHeather Hoggan - GLSPMiranda Kellar - SS Eng
Kathy Lambert - MathErin Martin - Phys EdConnie Mitchell - Cosmetology, CALMLynn Nordhagen Social Studies, French, Yoga
David Penner - Math CounsellingMike Rourke - Science, BiologyEarl Samuelson - MathRob Sorochan Sci Physics
Symon Pfau - Construction
Support Staff
Karen Drykach EAHailey Genovese EAShanley Moskol EA

​*Note: where email links are not provided, please phone the school in order to speak with the staff member directly.
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