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Bezanson School

To contact a staff member by email, please use the following format without spaces: firstnamelastname@pwpsd.ca (unless otherwise noted).


Teaching Staff
​Ms. Elizabeth Linfield, elizabethlinfield@pwsd76.ab.ca 
​Principal, Inclusive Education
​Mrs. Kim Living
​Mrs. Rhonda Giesbrecht
​Grade 1
​Mrs. Lisa Cairns
​Grade 2
​Mrs. Stacey Campbell
​Grade 3, Grades 1-2 Phys. Ed.
​Miss Chantel Matlock
​Grade 4
​Ms. Becky Mayer
​Grade 5, Grades 4-5 French
​Ms. Holly Galbraith
Grades 5 and 6
​Ms. Stacy Hanna
​Grade 7-8 Science, Grade 3-9 Phys. Ed.
​Miss Jillian Owens
​Grade 7-9 Math, French and Options; Grade 9 Science
​Mrs. Antoinette Shular
Grades 7-9 LA and Options; Grades 4, 7-9 Social Studies; Grades 5-6 French

​Support Staff
​Mrs. Christy Ewert, christyewert@pwsd76.ab.ca
​Administrative Assistant
​Mrs. Vicky Auclair
​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Louise Strayer
​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Christine van der Giessen
​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Laura Wasylchew
​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Carol Matlock
​Educational Assistant, Library Technician
​Ms. Elizabeth Peterson
​Community School Liaison Worker