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Beaverlodge Elementary
School Spirit

Student of the Month

A student from each classroom is chosen monthly to receive a special certificate signed by the teacher and the principal. They also receive a gift of $5.

This merit award is given to students for: homework improvement, well-written stories,
excellence, clean-up helper


Grade six students participate in a variety of special days and fundraisers for their trip to Edmonton in June. Leadership meetings have been once a month to help organize special events. Some examples of fundraisers are: hotdog sales, canteen, chocolate sales, pizza sales

Some students are also chosen to MC assemblies and help with special speakers.

Cool Cats

Cool Cats are given to students as a reward and an incentive. They are provided as tickets. At the end of the month, all the tickets (Cool Cats) are collected and a draw takes place. The winner receives a coupon for A&W.

Some reasons for awarding Cool Cats are: helping, caring, cleaning, improved behavior, improvement in school work, and others.

House Points

Students are all assigned to a specific "House." There are four houses: Red, Blue, Green and Gold. Students can earn House Points during class time as an incentive or reward.

Some classrooms keep track of House Points using a peg board and others post the points in the classroom. When students keep track of their points, they are participating in a real-world example of numeral fluency.

Students also earn points by dressing up on special days. Calculation of house points is tabulated and posted in the school.