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Beaverlodge Elementary
Principal's Message


Welcome to Beaverlodge Elementary School. As a school community, we are very excited to work with our students, their parents and our wider school community. At B.E.S. we have many programs in place that we continue to support annually such as: Healthy Interactions, Safe and Caring Schools, Healthy Schools – Healthy Futures, Active Living, Safety Patrol, Grade 6 Leadership, Positive Playgrounds, Anti-Bullying, Second Language (French), Quality Daily Physical Education and English as a Second Language (ESL). We work hard to foster effective two-way communication among students, staff, board members, parents, and the community at large. Effective communication helps ensure that all individuals are working toward the same educational goals for the children they serve.

Our students come to us with many expectations, needs, hopes and dreams.  Each child is unique.  To meet their diverse needs, we remain committed to being a Caring, Adaptive and Responsible school.  We sincerely want Beaverlodge Elementary School to be.…“A Special place for You and Me!” for ALL of our students’, parents’ and staff.


Mr. Paul Cincurak