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PWSD releases results of 2016-2017 Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams

October 18, 2017

​Students of Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD) continue to demonstrate success on the Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs), administered annually by Alberta Education to students in Grades 6 and 9, and the Diploma Exams, administered to Grade 12 students.

Provincial Achievement Test results are good news for PWSD's Grades 6 and 9 students
PWSD's Grade 6 students continue to perform near provincial results. Fluctuations in Social Studies and Science may be attributed to the impact of cycling curriculum in multi-graded rural classrooms where students write exams on material covered during the previous year.

Students in Grade 9 exceeded provincial averages in Language Arts and Science. Social Studies results improved over the past year and are within 2.2 per cent of the provincial average, an indication that multi-grade cycling has not had a lasting impact on rural students. The slight decline in PWSD's Math results mirrors provincial results, but is not an area of concern given that the difference is less than three per cent.

Diploma Exam results show significant improvement
PWSD saw significant improvement over last year's results in seven of ten courses for students who achieved the Acceptable Standard. Slight drops in English 30-2 and Social Studies 30-1 are not concerning, given that the results are respectively within 1.2 and 0.4 per cent of 2015-2016 outcomes. Social Studies 30-2 experienced an 8.6 per cent decline over the past year, but an in-depth analysis at schools should provide more insight into this uncharacteristic decrease.

PWSD students in Science 30 and English 30-1 and 30-2 scored higher than their provincial counterparts. A strong showing was evident in the sciences as a whole, with Physics 30 now on par with the province – a significant achievement when compared with PWSD's two-year historical results. PWSD's Biology 30 and Chemistry 30 outcomes were shy of provincial averages by 3 and 3.6 per cent respectively, making great strides over past results.

Improvements in the number of students achieving the Standard of Excellence were encouraging, with significant increases seen in Biology 30, Chemistry 30 and Physics 30. Growth was also evident in Math 30-1 and 30-2, English 30-1, Social Studies 30-1 and Science 30.

"Our PAT results remain on par or near provincial averages, and we are particularly pleased with Grade 9 Language Arts and Science outcomes," says Superintendent Sheldon Rowe. "PWSD's Education Officers will work with Principals to identify supports to improve Grade 6 performance in Social Studies. To maintain our improvement in PAT results, we have directed funds to support coaching projects, mentorship programs, reading intervention programs, FNMI programming and our Collaborative Response Model (CRM) – a system-wide framework that promotes a collaborative response to the individual needs of all students. These projects support teachers in developing new strategies to deliver curriculum. We are also pleased with our Diploma Exam results, in both the Acceptable Standard and the Standard of Excellence categories, most notably in all sciences – Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Science 30 – and for strong showings in Math and EnglishΒ­Β­."