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PWSD staff recognized with Long Service Awards

May 15, 2017

Each year, Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD) recognizes staff members for their dedication and years of service during three separate ceremonies around the Division. Long Service Awards will be presented at three regional events on May 16, 24 and June 1, to the following staff members who have achieved career milestones:

Celebrating 30 years of service:

  • Speager, Dwayne                Hythe Regional School
  • Ruxton, Johanna                 Wembley Elementary School

Celebrating 25 years of service:

  • Lojczyc, Andrew                 Beaverlodge Elementary School
  • Werbiski, Michelle              Beaverlodge Elementary School
  • LaValley, Lucille                 Clairmont Community School    
  • Martin, Joann                     Eaglesham School                    
  • Logan, Fiona                      Eaglesham School                    
  • Cote, Teresa                      Harry Balfour School                
  • Hopkins, Randy                  Helen E. Taylor School
  • Nichol, Patti                       Hythe Regional School              
  • Paulson, Sonja                   Hythe Regional School                       
  • Tanasichuk, Adrian             Peace Wapiti Academy                       
  • Mohler-Jervis, Allision         Robert W. Zahara Public School 
  • Venhola, Anne                   Spirit River Regional Academy   
  • Kurtz-McNaught, Dawne     Spirit River Regional Academy

Celebrating 20 years of service:

  • Bartsch, Carolyn                 Beaverlodge Elementary School          
  • Sterkenburg, Tami              Beaverlodge Elementary School          
  • Sanregret, Joey                  Beaverlodge Elementary School          
  • Nelson, Anna                     Beaverlodge Regional High School      
  • Nordhagen, Lynn                Beaverlodge Regional High School      
  • McKay, Michael                  Eaglesham School                    
  • Funk, Eileen                       Hythe Regional School
  • Busch, Sandra                    Hythe Regional School
  • Caufield, Jason                   Peace Academy of Virtual Ed. (PAVE)  
  • Houlder, Kimberly               Peace Wapiti Academy                       
  • Griko, Sandra                     Robert W. Zahara Public School 
  • Smith, Doreen                    Savanna School                        
  • Wiebe, Alison                     Savanna School                        
  • Dickson, Catharine             Sexsmith Secondary School                
  • Hiltz, Karen                        Wembley Elementary School    

Celebrating 15 years of service:

  • Pon, Ken                            Beaverlodge Regional High School      
  • MacKean, Brenda              Clairmont Community School    
  • Sewall, Fraser                    Clairmont Community School    
  • Walker, Tanya                    Elmworth School                      
  • Mason, Sandy                    Harry Balfour School                
  • Pasula, Cindy                     Harry Balfour School                
  • McKechnie, Harley             Harry Balfour School                
  • MacAulay, Lisa                   Hythe Regional School
  • Richards, Kyla                    LaGlace School
  • Hansen, Opal                     Penson School                         
  • Rose, Penelope                  Ridgevalley School                            
  • Lambright, Suzanne           Robert W. Zahara Public School 
  • Mullen, Bonnie                   Robert W. Zahara Public School 
  • Hauser, Susan                   Robert W. Zahara Public School 
  • Stark, Corrinne                   Robert W. Zahara Public School 
  • Campbell, Heather              Rycroft School                         
  • Lipon, Beverly                     Spirit River Regional Academy            
  • Beauvais, Joshua                Wembley Elementary School    
  • Benko, Shirlie                     Wembley Elementary School    

Celebrating 10 years of service:

  • Rey, Stacey                       Beaverlodge Elementary School          
  • Olivier, Amanda                 Birch Hills Colony School           
  • Elford, Katharina                Clairmont Community School    
  • Fulmek, Brett                     Clairmont Community School    
  • Wrzosek, Michelle              Clairmont Community School             
  • Harding, Terri                     Codesa Colony School              
  • Gundersen, Judy                Elmworth School                      
  • Abele, Kyra                        Harry Balfour School                
  • Clayton, Marjorie                Harry Balfour School                
  • Fisher, Jessica                   Harry Balfour School                
  • Fleming, Selina                  Harry Balfour School                
  • Groff, Jonathan                  Harry Balfour School                
  • Pol, Wilhelmina                  LaGlace School                         
  • French-Gillies, Nicole         Peace Academy of Virtual Ed. (PAVE)  
  • Williams, Carmon               Penson School                         
  • Hickox, Amanda                 Peace Wapiti Academy                      
  • Johnson, Jennifer               Peace Wapiti Academy                       
  • Nagel, Randy                      Peace Wapiti Academy                       
  • Prince, Brooke                    Peace Wapiti Academy                       
  • Thon, Katherine                  Peace Wapiti Academy                      
  • Stredulinsky, Lisa               Robert W. Zahara Public School 
  • Bogdanek, Darrel               Sexsmith Secondary School                
  • Dickinson, Verna                Wembley Elementary School    
  • Griffin, Lorel                       Wembley Elementary School    
  • Anderson, Nicole                Wembley Elementary School    

PWSD would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to all staff for their years of service and dedication. PWSD Long Service Award recipients will be recognized at three regional ceremonies:

1.        Savanna Rec Plex, Tuesday, May 16 at 5:00 p.m.: Update: Savanna School, 3:30 p.m.
Recognizing staff of Birch Hills Colony School, Birch Meadows Colony School, Bonanza School, Codesa Colony School, Doe River Colony School, Eaglesham School, Peace Academy of Virtual Education (PAVE), Rycroft School, Savanna School, Silver Valley Colony School, Spirit River Regional Academy, Shady Lane Colony School, and Woking School.

2.        Harry Balfour School School, Wednesday, May 24 at 5:30 p.m.:
Recognizing staff of Bezanson School, Clairmont Community School, Crooked Creek Colony School, Grandview Colony School, Harry Balfour School, Peace Wapiti Academy, Penson School, Ridgevalley School, R. W. Zahara Public School, Sexsmith Secondary School, and Teepee Creek School.

3.        Beaverlodge Motor Inn, Thursday, June 1 at 5:00 p.m.
Recognizing staff of Beaverlodge Elementary School, Beaverlodge Regional High School, Elmworth School, Helen E. Taylor School, Hythe Regional School, La Glace School, and Wembley Elementary School.