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Leadership development and Google technology focus of second annual JSET meeting

April 11, 2017

Approximately 60 students and 20 teacher champions from across Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD) came together at the Stonebridge Inn in Grande Prairie on Tuesday, April 11 for the second Jurisdictional Student Engagement Team (JSET) meeting of the 2016-2017 school year. Trustees Wendy Kelm and Stefanie Clarke also participated in the sessions.

The PWSD JSET, established in 2014 to provide collaborative opportunities for students to offer perspectives on education issues, meets twice annually, in addition to virtual meetings via Google Hangout.

During the first half of the day, the JSET broke into small groups by school for sessions on leadership development. Groups reviewed their mission statements and discussed goal setting for their school-based leadership teams, including why student leadership is important at their school, what changes they would like to see, and how to bring them about. The small groups developed ideas for engaging other students, and discussed how to talk to administration and bring teacher champions on board at their respective schools.

With Mighty Peace Day just around the corner on May 2, groups talked about why they would want to attend, and how to apply the learning from the event toward furthering student leadership and social action in their schools. Students also brainstormed on what they can do to earn their entrance into the event that promotes volunteerism and/or fundraising for local or global projects instead of paying for admission.

Following lunch, PWSD Education Technologists Memorese Walter and Leah Montes hosted a mini Google summit. The majority of PWSD schools use Chromebooks to integrate technology in the classroom. The pair offered tips and information on a variety of Google tools students can use at home and at school, especially in the area of student leadership. Students rotated through five G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education) sessions. Google Calendar helps users record assignment deadlines and sync with the teacher's Google Classroom app. Google Forms is used to build surveys and quizzes for data gathering. Google Slides and Google Drawing offer presentation tools. Google Keep provides virtual sticky notes that can be shared by multiple users across multiple devices. Google Docs and Google Drive are both used for file management.

Information provided at the meeting will be compiled and shared with school administrators and the PWSD Board.

To view additional photos from the meeting, visit PWSD's Facebook page.