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School’s out for summer!

June 25, 2015

PWSD wishes students and staff a safe and enjoyable holiday – see you in September!

Tomorrow marks the final day of 2014-2015 school year for the 32 schools that make up Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD). At the final bell on Friday, 5,800 students will come tumbling and squinting out into the bliss that is summer. But then what?

"Summer is the perfect time to brush up on reading skills or pursue an area of interest in a relaxed and natural way, without the pressure of homework deadlines," says Superintendent Sheldon Rowe. "Reading for pleasure during the summer months goes a long way toward improving literacy. With just 20 minutes of daily reading-based activities, such as magazines, comic books, writing and board games, students will make strides over the summer months. Literacy touches all areas of learning – including math and science – and a student who struggles in reading will undoubtedly struggle in other areas, including behaviour. Fortunately, it's an area that can typically be corrected by making an effort to integrate reading in a child's daily activities."

Parents and students are also encouraged to click on the Resources tab of PWSD's website at www.pwsd76.ab.ca to take advantage of free online learning resources. Other valuable information, such as school year calendars, school supply lists, bus route status notifications and Kindergarten start-up dates are also available on PWSD's website and all school websites.

School year calendars
The first day of classes for the upcoming school year is Tuesday, September 1. Parents and students may subscribe to PWSD's online calendar to receive alerts of important dates on their computer or mobile device. PWSD asks families to review the 2015-2016 school year calendar and to be mindful of official school holidays when booking vacation time throughout the school year. To assist with long-term planning, a draft copy of the 2016-2017 calendar is also available on the Division website and all school websites.

School supply lists
Families may access school supply lists and other registration information at www.pwsd76.ab.ca/SchoolInfo by first selecting their school from the list provided, and then clicking the Registration tab on the school's website.

Bus safety and e-notifications
In September, trained PWSD busing representatives conduct free safety presentations at participating Division schools which include a safety talk and video, followed by safety drills. Wondering if your bus will be on time? Sign up for email updates on the status of individual or multiple bus routes at http://transportation.pwsd76.ab.ca.

Kindergarten start-up
Prior to their official first day of classes, registered Kindergarten students and their parents may be scheduled for individualized meetings or orientation sessions during the first week of September. These meetings provide valuable insights into the type of programming required for first-time students and also help to ease the transition for both parents and young children. Kindergarten start-up dates vary by school. Please consult the chart below:

Peace Wapiti Public School Division – Kindergarten Start-Up Dates – 2015-2016 School Year

SCHOOL – Class grouping by daySTART DATESCHOOL – Class grouping by daySTART DATE
Beaverlodge Elementary School – Mon./Wed.Wed., Sept. 2La Glace School – Tues./Thurs.Tues., Sept. 8
Beaverlodge Elementary School – Tues./Thurs.Thurs., Sept. 3Penson School – Tues./Thurs.Tues., Sept. 1
Beaverlodge Elementary School – Mon.-Thurs. a.m.Wed., Sept. 9Ridgevalley School Tues., Sept. 1
Bezanson School – Tues./Thurs.Thurs., Sept. 3R.W. Zahara Public School – Mon./Wed. Wed., Sept. 2
Bonanza SchoolTues. Sept. 8R.W. Zahara Public School – Tues./Thurs. Tues., Sept. 1
Clairmont Community School – Mon./Wed.Mon., Sept. 14Rycroft SchoolTues., Sept. 1
Clairmont Community School – Tues./Thurs.Tues., Sept. 15Savanna SchoolTues., Sept. 1
Eaglesham School – Tues./Thurs.Thurs., Sept. 3Spirit River Regional AcademyTues., Sept. 1
Elmworth SchoolTues., Sept. 1Teepee Creek SchoolTues., Sept. 1
Harry Balfour School – Mon./Wed.Tues., Sept. 1Wembley Elementary School – Mon./Wed.Wed., Sept. 2
Harry Balfour School – Tues./Thurs.Tues., Sept. 1Wembley Elementary School – Tues./Thurs.Tues., Sept. 1
Hythe Regional School – Tues./Thurs.Tues., Sept. 1Woking School – Tues./Thurs.Tues., Sept. 8

PWSD wishes all students, families and staff a safe and enjoyable summer!


Photo Caption: The PWSD website, www.pwsd76.ab.ca, has everything parents need to start the school year off right, including school supply lists, school year calendars, bus route notifications, and Kindergarten start-up dates.