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Beaverlodge students to participate in wilderness adventure

April 29, 2014

Students enrolled in outdoor pursuits at Beaverlodge Regional High School (BRHS) will be getting back to basics during a three-day wilderness experience planned for April 30 – May 2, 2014.

Offered through the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) by instructors from Inroads Mountain Sports, the adventure will include 16 students, three Inroads instructors, and BRHS teacher Ryan McKay. During the three-day experience, students will learn valuable outdoor survival skills using Red Willow Boys and Girls Camp as a base for instruction, returning home each night. At the end of the adventure, students will not only come away with important skills, but will also have completed the learning outcomes for three Career and Technology Studies (CTS) modules: Outdoor Survival Skills, Navigation and Forest Imagery.

Lead teacher Ryan McKay offers CTS instruction in construction technology and outdoor pursuits to Grades 7-12 students at BRHS. He believes this unique experience will be beneficial in developing essential outdoor skills in his students.

“Outdoor pursuits was designed with the goal that students experience self-propelled outdoor recreation with minimal impact on the environment. During this three-day experience, BRHS students will participate in various aspects of outdoor training to develop vital foundation skills so that they will have the means to fully enjoy the outdoors on their own,” says Mr. McKay.

“The training will include orienteering, GPS mapping, hazards, safe edibles, group management, knot tying, lighting and extinguishing fires, and use of knives. Students will also receive instruction in how to handle an emergency situation, such as building signal and survival fires, hypothermia prevention, creating a shelter, foot care, and what to do when lost. In the Forest Imagery module, the group will learn to interpret information from different types of visual data representations, covering latitude, longitude and the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Projection Grid,” adds Mr. McKay.

When the three CTS modules are completed, the class will put their skills to good use during an upcoming two-day camping trip where they will set up a base camp at a provincial campground in Grande Cache and participate in daytime excursions.