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Online registration
To register your child at a PWSD school for the upcoming school year, click the "Register Online 2017-2018 School Year" button. 

Please note: Registration for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year is for new students only. If your child is currently enroled at a PWSD school or playschool, please do not complete online registration for the upcoming school year.


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2017-2018 School Office Reopening Dates
For school-specific office reopening dates for the 2017-2018 school year, click the image below to view an enlarged PDF version. 

Kindergarten and Preschool

PWSD offers options for educational programming for children between the ages of 2½ years old and younger than 6 years of age as of September 1. Children identified with disabilities/delays are eligible for up to three years of ECS programming, depending on age, severity of the disability/delay and its impact on the child’s ability to function within an ECS environment. Call (780) 532-8133 for more information. Read PWSD's Kindergarten and Preschool brochure online.            

Kindergarten Start-Up 2017-2018
While Tuesday, September 5, 2017 marks the official first day of school, many schools vary Kindergarten start-up dates and/or schedule personalized orientation meetings with families to determine programming needs and ease the transition to school. 

Beaverlodge Elementary School – Mon./Wed.Sept. 6Ridgevalley SchoolSept. 5
Beaverlodge Elementary School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5R.W. Zahara Public School – Mon./Wed.Sept. 6
Beaverlodge Elementary School – Mon.-Thurs. a.m.Sept. 13R.W. Zahara Public School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5
Bezanson School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5Rycroft School Kindergarten – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5
Bonanza SchoolSept. 5Rycroft School Junior Kindergarten – Mon./Wed.Sept. 6
Clairmont Community School – Mon./Wed.Sept. 6Savanna School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5
Clairmont Community School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5Spirit River Regional Academy – Mon./Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5
Eaglesham School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 7Teepee Creek School KindergartenSept. 5
Elmworth SchoolSept. 5Teepee Creek School Junior KindergartenSept. 6
Harry Balfour School – Mon./Wed.Sept. 11Wembley Elementary School – Mon./Wed.Sept. 6
Harry Balfour School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 11Wembley Elementary School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5
Hythe Regional School – Tues./Wed./Thurs.Sept. 12 & 14Whispering Ridge Community School – Mon./Wed.Sept. 11
La Glace School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5Whispering Ridge Community School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 11
Penson School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 5 & 7Woking School – Tues./Thurs.Sept. 7

Find out more about PWSD
Take a look inside PWSD's viewbook to learn about the successes of our students, teachers and programs. New to the area? Let us help you find a school to suit your needs. Call (780) 532-8133. Read PWSD's 2014-2016 Viewbook online.   

  • Beaverlodge Elementary View Website More
    P.O. Bag 1500 1009 5th Ave.Beaverlodge AB T0H 0C0
  • Beaverlodge Regional High View Website More
    1034 - 2nd Ave (Bag 700)Beaverlodge AB T0H 0C0
  • Bezanson School View Website More
    Bezanson AB T0H 0G0
  • Bonanza School View Website More
    Box 150 Bonanza AB T0H 0K0
  • Clairmont Community School View Website More
    10407 97 Street Clairmont AB T0H 0W0
  • Eaglesham School View Website More
    P.O. Box 9 4902 53 Ave.Eaglesham AB T0H 1H0
  • Elmworth School View Website More
    Box 24 Elmworth AB T0H 1J0
  • Harry Balfour School View Website More
    10815 - 104 St. Grande Prairie AB T8V 6R2
  • Helen E. Taylor School View Website More
    Bag 59 Wembley AB T0H 3S0
  • Hythe Regional School View Website More
    Box 420 10108 - 104 Ave.Hythe AB T0H 2C0
  • LaGlace School View Website More
    Box 90 10026 100 AveLa Glace AB T0H 2J0
  • Peace Academy of Virtual Education View Website More
    Box 99 4201 - 50 St.Spirit River AB T0H 3G0
  • Peace Wapiti Academy View Website More
    11410 104 St. Grande Prairie AB T8V 2Z1
  • Penson School View Website More
    General Delivery Main StreetGrovedale AB T0H 1X0
  • Ridgevalley School View Website More
    Box 59 Crooked Creek AB T0H 0Y0
  • Robert W. Zahara View Website More
    Box 3900 9802 - 93Sexsmith AB T0H 3C0
  • Rycroft School View Website More
    Box 278 5208 - 45 Ave.Rycroft AB T0H 3A0
  • Savanna School View Website More
    Box 48 Silver Valley AB T0H 3E0
  • Sexsmith Secondary School View Website More
    Bag 5000 9401 - 99 Ave.Sexsmith AB T0H 3C0
  • Spirit River Regional Academy View Website More
    Bag 2500 4501 - 46 StSpirit River AB T0H 3G0
  • Teepee Creek School View Website More
    RR #2 Site 1 Box 4Sexsmith AB T0H 3C0
  • Wembley Elementary School View Website More
    Box 550 9601 96 StreetWembley AB T0H 3S0
  • Whispering Ridge Community School View Website More
    Wembley AB
  • Woking School View Website More
    Box 119 Woking AB T0H 3V0
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