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News Item

Gas leak in Teepee Creek – Students and staff evacuated as a safety precaution

October 16, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 2.45 p.m. – Due to a gas leak in the Teepee Creek area, at the advice of ATCO, Teepee Creek School enacted the Evacuation Emergency Response Protocol (see below). Students and staff were safely escorted to the school playground. Students will be bused home at the usual time at the end of the day. ATCO has contained the leak and will conduct testing inside the school before authorizing re-entry.



  • A response to a possible danger INSIDE the school.
  • Staff will escort students to a safe area, away from the school.
  • If necessary, students will be transported to the school's predetermined safe location.
  • Examples: Strong odours, fire, chemical spill, gas leak, etc.