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PWSD staff recognized with Long Service Awards

May 28, 2018

Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD) expresses a heartfelt thank-you to staff members for their dedication and years of service. To celebrate career milestones, PWSD Long Service Awards will be presented at three separate regional ceremonies:

  1. Central region: Hosted by Peace Wapiti Academy, Tuesday, May 29.
  2. Northern region: Hosted by Eaglesham School, Thursday, May 31.
  3. Western region: Hosted by Wembley Elementary School, Wednesday, June 6.

Celebrating 40 years of service:

  • Rose Shmyruk                     Robert W. Zahara Public School

Celebrating 30 years of service:

  • Linda Burgess                     Beaverlodge Elementary School
  • Carrie Broadway                 Bonanza School
  • Gaby Boehm-Nelson          Harry Balfour School
  • Carol Gano                         Spirit River Regional Academy

Celebrating 25 years of service:

  • Erin Martin                         Beaverlodge Regional High School      
  • David Penner                     Beaverlodge Regional High School      
  • Brenda Kutschinski            Bonanza School
  • Teresa Fast                        LaGlace School                         
  • Lynn Rycroft                       LaGlace School
  • Wilma Koersen                   Sexsmith Secondary School                 

Celebrating 20 years of service:

  • Les Sonnenberg                Bezanson School                      
  • Karen Danylchuk               Clairmont Community School
  • Patsy Blois                         Eaglesham School                    
  • Esther Fehr                        Eaglesham School
  • Karen Laycock                   Harry Balfour School
  • Ada Ray                             Hythe Regional School
  • Shelley Sutherland             Hythe Regional School
  • Marie Froehlick                  Robert W. Zahara Public School 
  • Sandra Sopko                    Rycroft School                         
  • Kathy Anderson                  Woking School                                   

Celebrating 15 years of service:

  • Kelsi Longson                    Beaverlodge Elementary School
  • Rebecca Andersen            Clairmont Community School    
  • Allison Bruce                      Clairmont Community School    
  • Sheila Petteplace               Clairmont Community School    
  • Louise Keith                       Grandview Colony School         
  • Tania Morrison                   Harry Balfour School
  • Elizabeth Sigglekow           Harry Balfour School
  • Nicole Vigen-Laube            Harry Balfour School
  • Jennifer Clevette                Helen E. Taylor School              
  • Barbara Belcourt                Hythe Regional School
  • Charis Crandall                  Sexsmith Secondary School                 
  • Anna Shura                        Spirit River Regional Academy


Celebrating 10 years of service:

  • Crystal Mysko                    Beaverlodge Elementary School          
  • Krista Lucas                       Beaverlodge Elementary School          
  • Rhonda Giesbrecht            Bezanson School
  • Sheri Girard                        Birch Meadows Colony School
  • Karen Lewis                       Clairmont Community School    
  • Laura Weller                       Clairmont Community School
  • Rae-Ann Bolster                 Eaglesham School                    
  • Sarah Koning                      Eaglesham School                              
  • Jamie Baker                       Harry Balfour School
  • Carol Park                          Harry Balfour School
  • Jody Johnston                    Hythe Regional School              
  • Leah Moon                         Hythe Regional School
  • Sandra Rief                        Peace Wapiti Academy
  • Edi Harden                         Ridgevalley School
  • Brandi Sather                     Ridgevalley School
  • Cheryl Ikenouye                 Robert W. Zahara Public School
  • Angela Paquette                Sexsmith Secondary School
  • Kristina Temple                  Sexsmith Secondary School       
  • Corinne Dennis                  Spirit River Regional Academy   
  • Mary-Beth Ledrew             Wembley Elementary School    
  • Shawn O'Shea                   Whispering Ridge Community School
  • Abby Stilwell                      Whispering Ridge Community School