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PWSD releases results of 2014-2015 Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams

October 08, 2015

Students of Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD) continue to demonstrate success on the Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) administered annually by Alberta Education to students in Grades 6 and 9, and the Diploma Exams, administered to Grade 12 students. PWSD's Grade 3 students are currently participating in the second year of a province-wide piloting of digital Student Learning Assessments, during which there will be no reporting of results.

Provincial Achievement Test results for Grades 6 and 9 students close to provincial averages
Grade 6 Language Arts, Math and Science students finished close to the provincial standard. PWSD's Grade 6 Science result also showed a slight improvement over that of the previous year. While PWSD's Grade 6 Social Studies result is below the province's acceptable standard of 69.6 per cent, the fluctuation may be attributed to the impact of cycling curriculum in multi-graded classrooms where students write exams on material covered during the previous year.

PWSD's Grade 9 PAT results show improvement over last year's results in all four areas. When compared with students across Alberta, PWSD sat close to the provincial averages in Math and Social Studies, and exceeded provincial results in both Language Arts and Science.

Diploma Exam results improving for PWSD graduates
"Since the 2006-2007 school year, PWSD has seen consistent improvement in the percentage of students who achieve the acceptable standard in six of the nine courses with data extending to that year," says Deputy Superintendent Mark Davidson. "We have also experienced modest to significant improvement in terms of the percentage of students achieving the standard of excellence in four of the nine courses."

English and Social Studies results have remained consistent, and PWSD's results remain competitive with the province in both meeting and exceeding the standard. Biology, Chemistry and Science 30 have shown improvement over the previous school year in terms of the percentage of students meeting the acceptable standard. 

"PWSD's Biology, Chemistry and Science 30 results saw significant improvement," adds Mr. Davidson. "While Physics experienced a drop, we attribute the change to the small sample, and based on prior achievement, we do not expect a negative trend in this area."

PWSD's Math 30-1 and 30-2 results have shown improvement over the previous year, and resources will be directed toward assisting schools in reaching the provincial standard.

Superintendent Sheldon Rowe says he is proud of the gains made by PWSD's students in the areas of Chemistry and Biology.

"In order to maintain continued improvement in our provincial testing results, we remain committed to seeking improved methods to ensure student success. As a Board, we will continue to invest significant dollars in mentorship programs, as well as our Leveled Literacy Intervention, Learning Coaches, and FNMI projects. These projects support teachers in evolving their methods of curriculum delivery. In addition, we will work with schools to discuss targets and develop strategies for improved student achievement," says Mr. Rowe.