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PWSD student among top 10 in CBC nation-wide contest

May 15, 2015

CBC Canada Writes names Hannah Schmakeit to Shakespeare Selfie 2015 shortlist

A student in Peace Wapiti Public School Division (PWSD) is among the top 10 names shortlisted in the Grades 10-12 category of the CBC Canada Writes Shakespeare Selfie 2015 challenge.

Poisoned Words by Hannah Schmakeit, a Grade 12 student at Peace Wapiti Academy, stood out among approximately 400 creative and thought-provoking entries from young writers across the country. Her piece is a soliloquy on the impact of cyberbullying, written in the voice of Edgar from King Lear.

Miss Schmakeit's piece is included below. For other top 10-ranking entries and contest information, visit http://bit.ly/1Pmkzmi. The website also notes that a winner will be announced in the near future.  

Watch a performance of Poisoned Words by Hannah Schmakeit here.

Poisoned Words
by Hannah Schmakeit

O' Hark! Complex this net of words, a web
Of spells, a witch's dream, addicts our minds,
Poisons our words. Beauty, a plague of minds,
A rot for kids, their brains prepared for war.
The gap between their thighs crucial. Their bones
Must show their gleam and shine. Thinspo, fitspo,
Bodies of shame, no one person is free,
Targets of men, women, and kids. Beauty,
Nary a lone topic for text. O' strength
And speak, simple for people shoot bullets
To break the esteem's walls and hit the heart.
The fair maidens, frequent the Grim does see,
Yet they are "merely words" on glowing walls,
"Miniscule" chats. O'er the sea, people
Do fight for more. For rights, for freedom's name,
For country strength, and more, bullets do fly.
At home, in rooms, battles are fought behind
Electric walls, nameless faces, programs,
And keyboards. Taps are swings of burning scythes,
Who cut all down. All words replaced with tears,
Who run from smiled emoji eyes, silent
Messages run along with them and direct
The public slaughter. Lives are lost weekly,
But nary games for fun but blood. Betwixt
People, knowledge is known, effects of words
Poisoned. Those false in words do cut apart
Kingdoms, households, destroy nature's wishes,
And wreak havoc on lives. Honest people
With truthful words are quashed by malice's shout.
Permanent noise isn't the lone answer,
People may speak against the fight and give
Respect to all, for all deserve to live
In bliss and joy without internet hate.

Photo Caption: Hannah Schmakeit, Grade 12 student at Peace Wapiti Academy and top-10 semi-finalist in the CBC Canada Writes Shakespeare Selfie 2015 challenge.