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Teepee Creek School ready for Destination Imagination challenge

March 13, 2015

Teepee Creek School invites the community to see imagination at work when they participate in the Alberta North Destination Imagination (DI) tournament on Saturday, March 14th, taking place at 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Charles Spencer High School.

Teepee Creek School has been competing at the local DI event since 2011. This year, the school will send 10 teams to the tournament, made up of 35 students ranging from Grades 1-8.

The DI tournament offers seven challenges to choose from, but Teepee Creek students have opted to focus in on two areas. In the Creature Feature challenge, teams built a creature that uses technical methods to perform team-chosen actions. However, it’s not all science; the team must use their arts skills to present a story of adventure with the creature as the character. Feary Tales is a more arts-based option which challenges teams to present a fairy tale about a character that faces and deals with a phobia. The story must include artwork and art objects which convey thoughts and feelings, and also serve practical functions.

Principal Barb Arend, who also sits on the DI committee, says the event raises the level of confidence in children. “They are able to solve problems without always having to go to an adult. They can think outside the box and work through issues as a team. All of our projects are very different, but all students were working within one of two challenges. All teams were able to solve their issues in a way that was meaningful to them. It’s on-the-spot thinking and a cross-curricular approach to learning.”

Teepee Creek teams displayed their work during two showcase events in the school’s gymnasium earlier this week.

“A group of students created a remote control creature to walk through mud, but they had complications with their creature at our showcase – it wouldn’t move. They were able to present it in a safe school environment and work through the issues, and now they are ready for the competition. It’s ok to make mistakes; to have challenges that don’t always work out the way you want them to, but they had the chance to go back after receiving feedback and revaluate what they did and where the problem was,” says Principal Arend.

On top of presenting their projects at the DI tournament, teams will also be given a time limit to participate in instant challenges.

“They have practiced challenges at the school level, but nobody knows what the instant challenge will be at the competition, and they are not open to other kids or the public. At the DI event, they find out what their challenge will be, and they will have to work on it within the given time frame,” adds Principal Arend.

Destination Imagination’s mission is to develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to utilize diverse approaches in applying 21st century skills and creativity. To learn more, visit www.destinationimagination.org.

Photo Caption: Teepee Creek students presented their Creature Feature project during the school’s showcase event earlier this week – a practice run for the Destination Imagination tournament on Saturday, March 14, 2015 at Charles Spencer High School in Grande Prairie.