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Peace Wapiti Public School Division
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Peace Wapiti Public School Division No. 76
PWPSD Committee Structure & Membership 2018-2019


ASBA Zone 1 Rep.​Stefanie Clarke (Alternate - Wendy Kelm) ​One Trustee (All trustees welcome)
​Audit Committee​Wendy Kelm, Kari Scheers
​Two Trustees (also serve on Admin. Finance)
Secretary Treasurer (as required)
​Business & Industry Liaison Committee​Dale Crane ​Board Chair (Chair may appoint others)
Superintendent or Designate
​Communications & Promotions CommitteeSharilyn Anderson, Wendy Kelm, Stefanie Clarke ​Three Trustees
Superintendent or Designate
​Grant Notley Scholarship Committee Rep.​Kari Scheers ​One Trustee from Ward 1 or Ward 2
​Grievance​Kim Moodie, Stefanie Clarke ​Two Trustees (One from Negotiating Committee)
Superintendent or Director of HR & LR*
​Health & Safety Committee Rep.​Lori Grant
One Trustee
​NegotiatingKim Moodie, Kari Scheers, Bob Knull, Dana McIntosh
​Maximum of three Trustees and Board Chair  Director of HR & LR*
​Policy Review Committee​Lori Grant, Stefanie Clarke, Sharilyn Anderson ​Three Trustees
Superintendent or Designate and Corp. Secretary
​Political Action​Stefanie Clarke, Dale Crane, Sharilyn Anderson, Dana McIntosh ​Board Chair, Three Trustees (One from each MLA Constituency), Superintendent or Designate
​Public School Boards Council Rep.​Bob Knull (Alternate - Stefanie Clarke) ​One Trustee, Superintendent or Designate
Rural Caucus of AB Committee Rep.​Bob Knull​One Trustee
School Year Calendar Committee Rep.​Kim Moodie​One Trustee, Superintendent
​Student Matters​Lori Grant, Kari Scheers, Wendy Kelm
(Alternate - Sharilyn Anderson)
​Three Trustees, minimum
Superintendent or Designate
​Survey Committee​Wendy Kelm, Sharilyn Anderson, Stefanie Clarke ​Three Trustees
Superintendent or Designate
Teacher Board Liaison (TBL)​Kim Moodie, Stefanie Clarke, Dana McIntosh, Dale Crane​Board Chair & Three Trustees (One from Negotiations)
Superintendent* or Designate
​Teachers' Employer Bargaining Association (TEBA) Representative Committee​Bob Knull ​One Trustee member until Trustee ceases to hold office or employer designates another.
(Also serves on Negotiations)
​Teamster / Board Liaison​Kim Moodie, Kari Scheers ​Two Trustees (at least one from Teamster Union Area), Dir. of Transportation and Dir. of HR & LR*
​Transportation Appeal Committee​Lori Grant, Stefanie Clarke, Bob Knull​Three Trustees, minimum
Superintendent, Dir. of Transportation or Designates
  • ​In the absence of a committee member, another trustee may act in his or her place. ​ ​
  • ​The Board Chair may sit on any committee, except appeal committees, as an ex-officio member. ​ ​